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Exploring the Future of Beacons Tech : Something more than the Retail

21 Mar 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

It has almost been more than two years since the launching of Beacons by Apple. It's Beacons concepts has taken off the old Contextual Revolution . IT has made the history in computer evolution , a widely distributed and most popualar device among users such as iphone that's able to identify specific location by such a tiny low batterty powered radiowave devices.         The most important concern was to make aside all the diagreements deal..

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Most important analytics tool for mobile & web- "Mixpanel Tool": Know some of its best benefits and ways to set in code

21 Mar 2016    Author :     Gayatri Patel

Many Peoples has don't know that Mixpanel is a very powerful analytics tool for mobile and web.   If you want to do intense analysis, create actual time data, funnel analysis, and be capable for creates things like group analysis then you should fully consider Mixpanel.   The toolset appears with in-app A/B tests and user review applications.   You should know about Key Advantages of Using Mixpanel Analytics Tools     ..

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Are we ready to move faster in the waves of Innovation ? Then , get ready for 5G – An off-base industrial invention changing world by 2020.

20 Mar 2016    Author :     Harnil Oza

What is the story so Far ?   5G is the technology that will reform the world wireless . It will let you be in connection with millions of people and With IoT wireless. Actually 5G is the next generation commutation technology that wouldn't be accessible to all of us before the onset of year 2020, but still the excitement to use such a revolutionizing technology sways in mind of people all round . But the Question that is natural to rise is that how Ready we are for 5G? &n..

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Generally, English is the default language for any website but know the importance of creating the multilingual website for your business!

19 Mar 2016    Author :     Karishma Mehta

The crowd on Internet continues to grow and is the busiest place which is usually visited by users for browsing, shopping and many more.   Although English has been the default language for the websites and it is simple to develop content in English, but it will definitely be useful for your business to work in multilingual.   In this era of globalization, where people from around the globe can get whatever they want to buy and from anywhere they want to, it will b..

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Create mobile application with the technology you are in love with – Know Ionic Framework which is something above code.

18 Mar 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

 Introduction           Have you ever used previously any mobile development framework? If yes, then you might be finding Ionic framework quite similar to use with. One of the major hurdle that companies encounter during mobile app development is multiplicity of costing for building of native apps across different platforms . In other scenario comprehend developers have turned towards hybrid platform development that some..

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Every developer should know about Powerful and open source JavaScript-based framework platform-Node.js: what ,why & where

18 Mar 2016    Author :     Gayatri Patel

Node.js is a runtime system for growing server-side apps. It is famous for JavaScript coders to develop real-time Web APIs.           Node.js is best suited for applications with many of mutual connections and every request only needs very few CPU cycles, as the event loop is blocked when execution of a function. There are many other reasons that "why" you should use Node.js       ..

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An open door towards web development : We are talking about Angular JS– A Smarter move for app development

17 Mar 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

 The biggest challenge for any developer is web app development. The challenges that are faced during development process can be overcome using right tools and technologies. The best tool which is widely preferred for development of any web app is Angular JS that delivers an amazing user experience to its customers.       From Google trend it has been confirmed that angular JS is one of the fastest – growing Framework used in web app developme..

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Know Agile methodologies-used in software development to support various company for unpredictable action

17 Mar 2016    Author :     Khyati Shah

As you know Agile methodologies are normally applied in software development to support various business reply to unpredictability.   It is all about how to work mutually and handle various plans effortlessly in line to fulfill a common purpose.   Not just for software development. It is also fit for QA Engineers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, UX Designers, Product Managers, Development Managers, app developers, Testers, Technical Writers, QA Managers, or some ot..

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Want to Develop web app in Joomla ?Then Know some of the new cool features of Joomla 3.4

16 Mar 2016    Author :     Harnil Oza

Joomla 3.4 has untied and it amazes us with new cool features for both end-users and developers. It will prove to End-users easy going to find and edit modules, because they can access fully from the front-end.         Developers will cherish the inbound with Composer and the ability to liberate various versions of their extensions to variety of user groups.   Here's a briefing of what's new in Joomla 3.4 ...   ..

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A great news for iPhone lovers: All confirmed information about the new "iPhone SE"- You definitely don't want to miss this

16 Mar 2016    Author :     Gayatri Patel

Next weeks of thinking, Apple which called top app development companies around the globe and most superior in iPhone application development that invites for a media event later this month that should attend as a launchpad for new iPhone and iPad models, Apple Watch bands and maybe more.   The press event will be taken at Apple’s Cupertino campus on Monday, March 21, 2016, at 10 :00 am PT, and will be live streamed using HTTP Live Streaming.   Apple's offi..

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