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Deep Linking Driving User Engagement : Know How, What and Why!

04 Oct 2016    Author :     Karishma Mehta

The mobile app industry has witnessed the growing numbers of available mobile applications in the majority of app stores. In today's scenario, a mobile app developed by experienced app developers from India has made common man's life easy going by just a tap and go within the app installed in smartphone devices. For every single thing, whether it is ordering food or buying of clothes, demanding a taxi on rent or every single occasion, a mobile app is at our fingertips inside the App-s..

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Quick Guide For Successful Project Control and Deliverance

03 Oct 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. Technology is something that transformed human interaction with the world. Innovations are the driving force that heads smartphones to bring something new, leveraging more usability to the world. Every business is coming up with their mobile apps that open up opportunities to let users access their services 24/7. But, before starting any app development project for their business, they are surrounded by an array of questions. Questions lik..

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Take Your Travel Business To The Next Level With Augmented Reality

28 Sep 2016    Author :     Gayatri Patel

Travelling is an essential part of this modern society. There are lots of people who travel around the globe & stay at someplace outside of their normal environment. To plan the perfect trip for your clients' travel, hotel, and fun during their stay and all are booked before time, these all are their hopes to make their trip more memorable. Could augmented reality app development be an important asset and help to recognize the new possibilities in the tourism industry? Travel for..

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App Unbundling: A Spectacular Trend in Mobile Industry!

27 Sep 2016    Author :     Karishma Mehta

There are approximately 3 million+ applications combining all app store and more than 30+ application installed on a smartphone of the average user. Still, we have that question in our mind: Do we need more apps or we want more from every application? Applications have become a necessity to carry out our daily chores smoothly and serene. Apps are the core part in mobile industry, but an app will either cost us or will consume huge timeframe to learn and use it. There are still many articles t..

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Agile Development: 5 Fundamentals to Breakthrough Conquest!

26 Sep 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

Agile methodology is all about continuous looping of project development and its testing in the entire project life cycle. It is one of the best development methodology adopted in app development company that helps project managers to adopt and implement changing requirements of clients during the entire development process. It helps development team to manage changed requirements through effective collaboration and teamwork. The main agenda of adopting agile development approach is continuou..

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Enterprise Chat App Development – An Untapped Opportunity for your Business!

23 Sep 2016    Author :     Khyati Shah

Appropriate communication is the success mantra to streamline work in enterprise. Miscommunication is the sole reason that affects the productivity of employees at the workplace. Lack of communication can result in misleading direction to employees, that result in the creation of mess in assigned task or work. But, in the era of smartphones and innovations, how communication can seem to create complexity especially when we are handy with latest tools and technologies? Chaos in communication c..

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Seven Amazing Tips to Find The Right Mobile App Developer

22 Sep 2016    Author :     Harnil Oza

Coming up with the great and exceptional idea is pretty hard but, finding the right and appropriate app development team is indeed a journey with innumerable twists and turns. There are approximately 2 million app developers in India and across the globe where approximately 10,000 developers are daily applying for the development job to get employed. In the race of application development where the mobile industry is flooded with such huge number of developers, if you pick any of the develope..

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6 Keynotes to be Considered Before Development of Productivity Application

21 Sep 2016    Author :     Karishma Mehta

As the name suggest, productivity refers to increase in capabilities to introduce more powerful applications. In such mobile driven arena, right from the small email till heavy database everything is maintained by these productivity apps. The increasing usage of smartphones by people give rise to the development of productivity app. These productivity applications are not just restricted to the official work. Today each and every person right from undergraduate, business person, enterprise, e..

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Apple iOS 10 to Bring Big Changes in Business App Development

20 Sep 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

Yes, it's the big one. The most anticipated and the biggest announcements of the year – Introducing latest OS from Apple finally goes live adjoining two of the newer OS – tvOS 10 and WatchOS 3. Apple iOS being the biggest upgrade added to iPhone application development recently, was introduced in WWDC- one of the most significant Apple events held in San Fransisco on 13th June. Before the launch of iOS 10 (which was about to set in motion from 13th September) another most impo..

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Five Challenges Faced By Every Business Before Choosing Native App Development

17 Sep 2016    Author :     Karishma Mehta

In today's era, mobile applications have become the paramount factor that drives the life of many startups and entrepreneurs. Earlier, the Internet was the source to supply with the information that you need. But now, innovations in mobile apps have leveraged many on-demand applications in the market that satisfy almost each and every requirement of consumers. The increasing trend of mobile apps has pulled many industrial domains and businesses to adopt the mobile approach. As more and mo..

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