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How iBeacons Can Help You To Make Smarter Move in Business?

02 Aug 2016    Author :     Harnil Oza

Beacons are a serviceable new twist on location awareness, tying out a unique ID to a small device or peripheral that application can make use of to bring light not only to the location but another related context about the beacon's location or what it is coupled to.   Most beacon trials do include junklike use by retailers, such as shoppers getting strikes for the specific type of brands of shampoo while walking around the shampoo artery, but better and advanced use of beaco..

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Grocery Apps - Improvising Global Supermarket Sales!

01 Aug 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

Grocery shopping has never been such easy and time savvy without mobile applications – Big thanks to the App development Company that gave a thought to make daily chores a bit easy! Just a few clicks and the groceries will be made available at your place!!! Doesn't it sound interesting? Mobile apps are the revolutionary factor that has brought significant changes in purchasing process. Everything seems to be a click away. The Online mania has improvised the human life at..

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4 Challenges Faced by App Developers During Web App Testing

30 Jul 2016    Author :     Khyati Shah

Web-based applications are becoming one of the most important resource for commercial business development. Though mobile applications have taken the world off the desktop and computer still, web apps are something that face the customer beyond the firewall and outside the data-center. However, there are many people that would weight down to desktop approach more rather than the mobile app and so, it is quite significant to test the web app before deploying it in front of your loyal customers..

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5 Elegant Tactics to Keep User Engaged Within Your Mobile App

29 Jul 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

With the growing use of technology and constant growth in development of mobile apps, it is quite hard for the development company to keep user engaged within their app especially when the alternative solution is quite alluring and approachable to them. Still, there are few points that needs to be taken care off for mobile app development or for app up-gradation that keeps your user base engaged within your app giving them best ever user experience to them. So, jot down the points and discuss..

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Know the Major Differences Between Native, HTML5 & Hybrid App: Which is Better to Make an App?

28 Jul 2016    Author :     Harnil Oza

Mobile apps have grown the requirement of the hour & each and every top app development companies are starting really very difficult to make a complete app for their company that would consequently boost their sales. This write-up is about mobile application development, it is clearly targeted at Indian app developers looking to build mobile apps that communicate with users & developers directly. Usually, 3 types of applications are the most selected and we would discuss these three i..

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"Travel Application Development"- Making Journey Easier & Comfortable..!!

27 Jul 2016    Author :     Jalja Mehta

Mobile app development is quick growing an efficient tool for today’s savvy globetrotter. For all tourists, there are numerous applications that help to plan a journey easier and comfortable. Travel applications help both businesses or a vacation traveler through find travel agents, get hotel booking, make instant stock transfers and much more. According to this graph, in 2016, 51.8% of tourists who book trips through digital means will do so using a mobile device. More according t..

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Unique & Best Ways for App Monetization Suggested By Indian App Developers

26 Jul 2016    Author :     Gayatri Patel

You finally finished it – you build an awesome mobile app for your business. Now, your clients can communicate with you like never before, and data you are pulling from the app is supporting you think of all kinds of different ways to market your brand. But there’s something different you can do to make your app even great for your business monetize. That is right – your app can be so much more than a tool. It can also be a dangerous source of additional income for your..

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Know Some of The Best Tips & Tactics for Managing A Project On Budget

25 Jul 2016    Author :     Karishma Mehta

As a project manager at an app development company, we talk a lot about the “iron triangle”, or “triple compulsion.” Both of these terms instantly relate to the scope, cost & schedule of a project. Think about the scope, cost, and schedule as the three sides, covering quality. When one side lacks the triangle becomes incomplete, resulting in quality drastically suffering. Simple enough, right? One of the simple ways to break that triangle and for a project&rsq..

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5 Must Follow App icon Design Tips for Amazing Mobile app Icon

22 Jul 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

Genuinely, an app icon design is not the first thing that comes into consideration when we review newer app. It's the application Popularity, UI and functionality that allures us more and, when we start to make use of an app and explore it with each passing days and that's the duration we relate the app with its icon. An app icon is something that speaks more for the apps. In exact words, An app icon design is the representation of visual definition about the app features and a small ..

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A Comprehensive Guide by Indian app developers for On-demand App Optimization

21 Jul 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

The On-demand economy has allured many startups and investors to implement the ideas in the form of mobile app development that serves the society needs and demands. The growing startups that leverages on-demand services like Jugnoo, Uber, OLA, Zooper etc has made significant brand value in such extent that this domain has also proved as an important part for Indian app developers to understand its development effectiveness. The entire Ecosystem of On-demand application is totally relied..

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