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"Healthcare Apps" Saves People's Life: Hire Best App Development Company to Develop App for Your Needs

24 Jun 2016    Author :     Gayatri Patel

Let’s find out the different secrets of either health apps are actually beneficial for users or they just worry us. Nowadays Healthcare mobile app development growing so fast because people aware for their health.   There is no doubting to the point that smartphones have changed the way persons lived before. Associating it with the life of our parents and seniors, more than 80% of our everyday activities rely on mobile applications. From messaging to getting directions to ..

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Key Metrics: Guide to Measure Your App Success

23 Jun 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

As app development is a continuous process, many app publishers are outsourcing their apps to mobile app development companies globally. But by doing so they are excluding themselves from the intact application development life cycle. Each and everything starting from designing till development all lies in the hands of the such outsourcing companies. But, what about the post launch activity? App publishers need to monitor some key metrics to maximize app optimization and to retain the users t..

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Cross -browser Testing : Enhancing Beta Testing Quality

17 Jun 2016    Author :     Harnil Oza

Everyone has their preferred browser that they use in their daily schedule whether it is or if they are working a desktop. Example: Many app developers would like to stick with the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox rather than approaching for traditional browsers like Internet Explorer or its updated version. Though the preference sets are personal but it involves standards like how fast the website loads on particular browsers, how fast people can perform search and so on. Not ever..

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Microsoft acquisition with LinkedIn for $ 26.2 billion : Let's watch out how Microsoft and LinkedIn will remodel the ways that make professionals more productive

14 Jun 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

A huge Techno giant Microsoft – Announced that it will procure one of the best Professional networking platform -LinkedIn in all- Cash transaction that is valued at $26.2 Billions. And yes, that to makes the inclusion of LinkedIn net Cash. As Microsoft is going to acquire the huge professional connecting platform having 433 M users for $196 per share price in funds , the transaction has been sanctioned by the both the techno boards , still it needs regulatory and other necessary permiss..

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13 Jun 2016    Author :     Jalja Mehta

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Representation State Transfer(REST) are the most popular return formats of Web-service for the App developers that are likely to work with Integrated Application Development. Designers will Scheme out the application from various angles and based on various functionalities and calling of methods , Approach to call and integrate API to third party apps is decided. As and Software architect it is good approach to consider your development team while arch..

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Know what can we assume from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference - WWDC 2016

10 Jun 2016    Author :     Gayatri Patel

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference-WWDC is quickly approaching and starts on 13 June in the San Francisco. Although it's proposed at developers, as the name suggests, there's going to be lots of news for the rest of us about Apple's variety of hardware and software.   Apple is assumed to mainly focus on new software developments, with announcements probably regarding all 4 operating systems: iOS, OS X, tvOS & watchOS.   After suffering some h..

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Google I/O 2016 – Defining Future

08 Jun 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

Google I/O is an yearly developer focused conference that makes announcement related to the forthcoming products and services Goggle is going to offer to its customers . It also makes crystal clear vision about the technology sector in the forthcoming future. Generally this conference is conducted in San Francisco , California and the same was held in Mountain View for 3 days from 18th to 20th May 2016. Now, Let's watch-out what products and services Google is uncovering this year. ..

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"Front end" web development and "Back end" web development- creating a difference in the web development era

06 Jun 2016    Author :     Gayatri Patel

You might get tired of reading about web design and app development subjects, app updates and tech trends. Lets, start into the thoughtful & a similar discussion of front-end web development and back-end web development.   We know, sometimes you stuck in the confusion of choosing front end developer or a back-end developer to build the best online presence for your any top app development companies.   That’s why it looks important to post this write up tha..

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Virtual API –A Boon for Testing : Know how you can defeat API testing gridlocks with Virtual API

04 Jun 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

Today's Software application Development architecture depends heavily upon the API as the Kernel of the application, in the same manner any app developers would rely on database of its application or the UI which is considered as the key components for any architecture without which Application is lifeless. You might have heard about API couple of times if you are surrounded by the app developers that are working on multiple projects but , Hold on Guys .... D..

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Google “Android Auto” is Exclusively available here : everything you should know about Android Auto

01 Jun 2016    Author :     Khyati Shah

Android is universally in the world across your life. It is in your pocket, on your wrist, at home and presently in your vehicle. Google published ‘ Android Auto' to provide your safe way to your important mobile apps.'   Combining Android Auto in our next generation NEX clients provides compatible Android smartphone buyers the capability to use the power and connectivity of their devices for navigation, Interactions, music and more that said Ted Cardenas, vice pre..

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