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Hurray! It's December! We are near to the most awaited festive of the year. Yes! we are near to Christmas eve. It's time for celebration, delicious dinners, outing with friends and giving exciting gifts. That also means that it's the best season to expect crowded shopping malls, travel destinations and full on entertainment in in-laws home. But don't worry! Google is always there to help people l

Car rental services have faced perpendicular growth since the last couple of years. Earlier, booking a taxi to travel somewhere was a tedious process. Unavailability of the taxi, higher rates, drivers mood were some of the reason that declined the idea of hiring a taxi. The scenario of taxi booking service was gloomy before the introduction of the mobile application in this realm. However, with the commencement

As the augmentation of the internet made it indispensable for big and small scale business to develop their online presence. In the same way, growing internet based mobile devices made it imperative for businesses to develop their presence through mobile apps or mobile websites. Earlier people used to browse the internet via computers or PC while the introduction to mobility has made them stick with their smartp

Whether its gaming application, enterprise app, e-commerce applications or any useful utility tools- Everything is becoming the mobile application. But why mobile application? Because it is the latest vogue followed by almost every business and enterprise. Mobile App stores are piled up with an array of features and functionalities in form of newly uploaded applications. Mobile app developmen

Development of android application provides access to large user base across the globe. As android is one of the most dominating platforms, it helps developers to create an app that targets maximum growing user-base. The android platform provides many opportunities to developers for developing an in

"What are the best flavors of the unbeatable startups like UBER and OLA that has turned into giant multinational companies? - The answer is clear. They delivered out of the box services while giving a fierce competit

Though the young generation is shouting towards innovation and technological advancement. But, I find it more old-fashioned. The scenario is same, in 90's we were rushing to develop a website to show our online presence to the world. The only difference left between today's and the earlier s

Do you want your mobile app to become the next big thing? Do you wish to celebrate highest download rates? Want to become the next winner in the online market? If you want to then, you need to come up with a solid niche surpassing 4 million apps that are already present in the app store. Shocking en

With the growing mobile usage, the hike is been noticed in expanding new business opportunities. Mobile app development is something that every entrepreneur wants to embrace for better business results and to boost up the sales revenue. However, development of mobile app itself is facing many challe

The upcoming year is filled with innovations and advances. The technological advances that exist now were like nightmare before few decades. A number of mobile applications allow users to play games, surf videos, shop, bargain at best rates, order food and even lot more of the stuff that once can ever think off. Smartp

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