Agile Development: 5 Fundamentals to Breakthrough Conquest!

agile development

Agile methodology is all about continuous looping of project development and its testing in the entire project life cycle. It is one of the best development methodology adopted in app development company that helps project managers to adopt and implement changing requirements of clients during the entire development process. It helps development team to manage changed requirements through effective collaboration and teamwork. The main agenda of adopting agile development approach is continuous planning to cope up with required changes and to achieve improvement by using sprints. So, if you wish to adopt and practice agile methodology in your enterprise then, check out these agile building block to achieve success.

1. Embrace Change:

There is a famous saying “only wet babies need change” - but does it holds true? Absolutely no, there are lots of criticism in this yelling protest. Change is not at all easy to adapt but, is sometimes necessary. People will tend to stick to the things and processes which are least important. Time and energy are the two inevitable factors that highly contributes in bringing change in the way people think and behave. So, how will you convince your team members about that change you need to get done in your process? Well, you need to represent the things in the way that each and every team member easily gets convinced by the change that complements the current trend and requirement. You can ensure them that it will be serene your work process and will least affect their current work. This will turn into the creation of friendly working atmosphere that every team wishes for.

2. Build a Cultural Balloon:

We live in the world where people still tend to follow the so-called society and prefer to carry out things "in a way its need to be done." But, there are few amongst the crowd that has divergent thinking to do something new and innovative. We need to create a bubble or safe zone surrounding those few people to isolate them from the rest of the crowd. But make sure that while insulating your team do not isolate them. Provide them with the needed tools, help them to take their own decisions and be ready in the case of face failure.

In the core:

Trust the team to get things done.

Allow team member to represent new ideas and consider various opinions to bring out a solution.

Encourage team members to innovate new ways to reach the finishing line.

3. Expel Off Redundant Things:

Though guidelines and pressure are needed to get the right things done in given timeframe but, excessive pressure may screw up the things. Conducting daily project status meetings may irritate the team members and may get them out of the track. Instead, give them the space to work on their own in the given project and conduct a meeting every biweekly to know the status. You can even hire an agile specialist to maximize working efficiency.

4. Burn Down Charts:

Now, the organization of completed and incomplete work has made its way with the help of the burndown charts. It showcases you where you are and where you are headed ahead. It graphically represents undone work against timeframe left. It is one of the best tools to motivate and inform team members regarding project status. You can make use of this tool after some sprints to make sure if any changes are needed to be implemented or not.

5. Get Right People In Team:

If you want agile development approach to succeed, make the inclusion of right and appropriate members of your team. Here, right people states that you need to make the inclusion of skilled people for the given task. As the development process is bit crucial, team members need to coordinate with each other and break down the project to ascertain how much it can be done. There needs to be a linking bridge between technical team and project manager to bridge the gap between undone things and get the work done in smooth and effective manner.

As you build a solid base surrounding your agile program, you will need to take things slowly while, allowing your team members to experiment and explore new things. You need to be responsive enough. Everyone will fail and fall and so it’s necessary to get back up and maintain consistent velocity.

So, are you Ready? If yes then, Go ahead and conquer!


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