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Page load speed is amongst one of the 250 parts that Google thinks for ranking a website in basic search. With several other competitor websites, the requirement of getting website traffic and keeping user affected with strong usability is growing more and more important each day.


In reality, if a website does not load instantly, chances are it will surely waste possible visitors to its rival website in a matter of moments.

Even a delay of one second can significantly reduce page views, user fulfillment and drop conversions.







Know, What is the most common factor that gives to web page speed?





Web browsers use a time to download the code that makes up a web page. It has to download data such as HTML, scripts, stylesheets, images and many more. Surely, it can take few seconds to download whole that data.


Now, internet users require more appealing website designs. Hence, the size of a site’s source files will ultimately continue to grow.



Thus, how do you secure your site is up to speed!



Well, the great news is there are some excellent and free sources that one can use for evaluating their website’s speed.


1) Google’s PageSpeed Insights:


Google PageSpeed insights examine the content of a webpage and then creates ideas to create that page quicker.


2) Pingdom:


Tests load time of the webpage examines it and detects bottlenecks.


3) GTMetrix:


Provides you an insight on how great your website loads and provides you actionable advises on how to optimize it.



How to speed things up?







Speeding-up a website is important, not only to enhance rankings in Google but more to keep advantages high.


So, in this post, I am sharing amazing useful ways that can be applied to improve site load speed.




Optimize Images








Images on a website can use lots of bandwidths, and in change which affects a loading time of web page. Decreasing the size of website’s images in HTML is not sufficient, as that only modifies the image looks and not its original size.



Decrease HTTP Requests:


According to an online review, most of a web page's load time is wasted downloading various phases of the page:


1) Stylesheets


2) Images


3) Scripts


4) Flash etc.


So analyzing the web page design is the fastest way to increase website speed.


It can be achieved with these methods:-


1) Mix various style sheets into one.


2) Rather of images, use CSS when possible.


3) Decrease scripts and set them at the bottommost of the page.


4) Streamline quantity of components on your page.




Enable compression






Allowing compression is really like putting a site into the zip file. With using compression one can dramatically reduce webpage’s size and so improve its speed.



Browser Caching







When you visit a website for the first time, the characteristics of the page visited by you are saved on your hard drive in a shortly storage or cache. Hence, when you visit that particular website again, your browser can simply load the web page without having to give another HTTP request to the server.


By allowing browser caching you will be capable for stores some data momentarily on a visitors’ computer, so they make not ask to expect for it to load each time they visit your site.




Decrease Redirects







Redirects make new HTTP requests and finally improve website load time. It is perfect to keep them to a minimum.


However, any redirects are inescapable and wanted, but recognize this requires a further HTTP which upsurges the page load time.



Switch off All the optional Plugins



Installing and utilizing so many plugins can slow down a site, build unwanted safety problems, often make noises and various different technical issues.


Try to selectively disable plugins and then assess server performance. By performing so, you can simply find any plugins that control site speed.



Optimizing CSS







Optimizing CSS- That means your data will download at a quicker rate and finally provide visitors quicker access to your pages.


Understand either or not you use each of your CSS. If it's not, clear all the unnecessary code in your data. Each tiny bit of lost data can take up to improve your website’s load speed and scare aside your visitors.


You can simply get accurate coding by placing all the CSS in an external stylesheet.



Prioritize above the fold content






One can enhance the user experience if above the fold load quicker and rest of the page needs a few seconds to load.


Try to split CSS by a little inline part that ways top of the page details and an outer part that can be held.


So now you all know and can increase your web page speed. Many top app development companies have a problem regarding page load speed, But Hyperlink Infosystem is the only company which has no issues like this as well as it has the best app developers around the globe. Contact us now.


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