An open door towards web development : We are talking about Angular JS– A Smarter move for app development


 The biggest challenge for any developer is web app development. The challenges that are faced during development process can be overcome using right tools and technologies. The best tool which is widely preferred for development of any web app is AngularJS that delivers an amazing user experience to its customers.




From Google trend it has been confirmed that angular JS is one of the fastest – growing Framework used in web app development rather than traditional framework used earlier.


Synopsis of Angular JS


AngularJS is a client side web app development technology that is added with your HTML,JavaScript and CSS and boosts up the responsiveness of application’s.


It's an open source JavaScript based skeletal framework developed by Google for creating dynamic web applications.





It's used to create sound Single Page Applications (SPA) that have CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations.


Though Html is a perfect solution for the static doc when it comes the requirement for dynamic views it fails. Angular JS serves HTML with additional attributes in terms to give responsiveness to users action and helps to create rich Internet Front End.


So , now i hope you are clear with the basic fundamental about Angular JS. Let's go through its features to have deeper insights about it.


1) #Modules

They are used to separate designs developed and logic created.



Module is a collection of various services, Controllers, filters, web config files etc separate from each other helping to keep code pure and clean.


2) #Directives

Directives in Angular JS are the combo of template mark-ups and JavaScript code.





They extend the HTML vocabulary by adding new behavior and manipulating the attributes of HTML.

They do have some of the inbuilt directives like ng-model, ng-app and many.One can also create our own Custom directives.


3) #Templates

Templates in AngularJS are plain HTML templates that contain angular elements. These templates are used to show info related to model and controller.

4) #Scope

scopes are used to link between controllers and the views and acts like a context evaluating angular expressions. Each and every directive creates and manages its own scope.


They are hierarchical in nature and follow the Document object method model of AngularJS app.



They are used to bind app data with HTML and behaves like that of ng-bind directives.

They are written inside braces like :



6) #Data Bindings

Data bindings are the codes that are written once and is used in many places with little or no alteration.

Types :

i) one-way Data binding: one-way data binding was introduced in AngularJS 1.3.





ii) Two-Way Data binding: synchronization of data between model and view. Any change done in the model is reflected in view and vice-versa Eg. ng-model directive.






7) #Validations




Based on HTML5 form validators and uses built-in directives to validate input.


8) #Filters




They are used for Data formatting in views, controllers, Directives, and services before its display to users. One can also create its own filters.


9) #Services


Services are the one that shares app code across and can be embedded into controllers, filters, and directives. It offers certain inbuilt services like $parse and $http, $window, $resource.

10)#Dependency Injections


DI is a software design architect that handles how components get control of their dependencies.


Explain Application flow in AngularJS






Comparison of Features on different Framework





AngularJS allows you to enhance HTML vocabulary to develop new UI widgets. It's a framework that provides a tight coupled two-way data binding mechanism that binds data to HTML elements using a scope. 

The apps coded in AngularJS is cross-browser compliant.It can be custom made and therefore you can develop your own custom widgets like directives, services etc.

Developers engaged with AngularJS are able to code client side apps in a clean MVC way. Code reusability is one of AngularJS big upper hand they possess. It is considered to be the best framework for web applications.


Wrapping up of the Session :


AngularJS is delighted with the huge support and is a most popular framework. It has a full-grown community on the internet that facilitates you with the various updates with AngularJS. So What are you waiting for? Develop your best ever AngularJS app with best ever app development India company i.e Hyperlink Infosystem. Hire android developer from us that will guard your app with sufficient resources supported by google. Contact us now to develop your App.


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