Android App Development: How To Promote Your Apps Through Content Marketing And Mobile Marketing

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Are you thinking of creating an app for Android OS, or you have created one, already? If you have, the hard part is not over, yet. Getting the android app to the people who will use it can be very challenging. In the marketplace, it is hard to get your android app noticed among millions of others. And this is keeping many developers up at night because of the saturation. But still, there is an efficient way or there are efficient ways to go about marketing it—content marketing and mobile marketing.
And it is more effective to have a plan in place for marketing before the android app development begins. If you do not have a marketing plan, it is not too late to start. You can start developing a plan that focus on content and mobile marketing for your app(s).
Content and mobile marketing is a great way to promote the app(s) (especially after your android app development is completed). And the obvious goal here is to make myriad of people be interested in your android app (as the end product) after reading the engaging content. It is a great way to, not only promote your Android app but also, more importantly, to promote your brand. In fact, it is a great way to get your brand in the faces of millions. And it is still very effective today—many app builders are using it.
Content marketing specifically designed to promote an app entails, creating a relevant content that is very useful to people, and add your app—that is related to the content of the literature— link(s) in the content. It is a very simple concept and also very easy to comprehend. The hard part is creating the right content. Since you are presenting a brand to those who will read the engaging content, you should have a good brand. In other words, you should have created a good brand. You cannot market what you do not have, right?
There are professionals who market great brands through content and mobile marketing. And it is mostly done after the android app development has been completed—when launching it into iTunes app stores or Google Play. But some get the word out before the completion of the app project.
More so, it would be very effective to create content that solves a common problem, or entertain people—since entertainment is a major reason why people go online. And if the content is engaging, it is most certainly going to be an effective tool to market or promote your brand. As the saying goes, “if you build it (properly), they would come.” Winning customers over is all about putting your information of the product out there in the right way. “Right way” in this context means an effective and efficient way.
For Content Marketing:
These are some of the more important steps to promote your Android app to millions of people on the internet through content marketing.
1. Research your target audience. Do survey of the industry and those that are your competitors will help a great deal with identification of the right audience you should be targeting. A B2B utility app developer, for example, should be targeting small companies and corporate employees. Successful Indian app developers and publishers often share their experiences in interviews.
2. Create engaging content. It should be very relevant. Though what is engaging is relative, you can find a common problem and work the solution on an angle that will get people interested in your app(s). If you comprehend the challenge of your target audience, you can take full advantage of it in your content creation through keyword strategy.
3. You should use app store optimization (ASO). And app description and keywords including its title and screenshots are what you need to make a huge impact in app store search engines.
4. You also have to create buzz around your app launch (more on this later).
For Mobile Marketing:
You will need an effective mobile marketing channel set-up—properly— to promote your app. Because more than a third of all traffic (for the average retail site) is via a mobile device. If you need help with it, you could start it with incentivized CPI. You could use it to assist in growing your android app installs through the acquisition of incentivized user downloads. If you want to do it over a short period of time, it is currently a very effective method for boosting install rates. And if you are thinking of cost-effective methods for your marketing campaign, then you should use incentivized CPI.
And in addition to that, as far as mobile marketing channels go, you will need a non-incentivized CPI too. In fact, you will need it more. And you will also need mobile site redirection. It is also an effective way to increase downloads. And placing a banner ad at the top of the page is a great way to advertise your app and allow users to access your app store, easily. You can comprehend it without much explanation.
Have you heard about mobile app wall advertising? If you have, you will know it is a non-invasive but still effective form of advertising your android app (after a good android app development). And also use search marketing (Google Adwords), if there is a budget for it (though it is not expensive, it depends on what you prefer). You should research on which campaign style suits you best before making the first move on Google Adwords.
It will be a huge mistake to exclude social media advertising—especially Facebook’s Video Ad System. A successful game developer was able to reach more than hundred million people through the use of Facebook. And the people he reached were from more than seven countries on the launch day of a game. That goes to show how effective social media can be.
These are some of the more important ways to promote your app through content marketing and mobile marketing channels. 
And a word about launching an android app: 
It is all about building a great brand—this should be very visible from the beginning. It is a concept that must be portrayed the right way—if you are in for the long haul, of course. Because the first impression does matter—if not a lot. And that is coherent with the popular saying about the first impression. You only have one first impression with the app. You should do everything within your strength, as an entrepreneur (app developer), not to screw it up, because you cannot afford to.

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