Apple Moving on a step ahead for Easy Moblie Payment : uncovering apple Pay one of the biggest launch of apple in 2016 part -II

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Earlier we had a conversation about how to integrate Apple Pay in i-phone devices and some of the guidelines for the most frequently asked questions . Today we will Watch out for the best ever and the most weared product of Apple that is Apple Watch .


If you love to wear Wearable Device like Apple Watch then Don't worry apple Pay is at your Wrist.


Apple Pay integration on Apple Watch is much different Experience then you have experienced on your i phone but its safer & is much secured. With Apple Pay on your wrist you can tap for payment at large no of retail places across the U.S but the dilemma arises over here is before you start using your cards you need to set it up with apple watch.


So now lets have a glance on various phases that we integrate with Apple Watch that will guide you out for further furture payments.

How to include your default iTunes payment Card in Apple Watch to Apple Pay.



Step1: Launch Apple Watch app in your iPhone and tap on My watch.

Step 2: Then, tap -> Passbook & Apple Pay.

Step 3: Tap -> Add Credit /Debit Card and then tap -> Next.

Step 4: Enter the Security Code of the card in i Tunes and tap -> Next.

Step 5: Agree to the cardholder terms and conditions and after verification your card will be visible in Apple Pay.







How to do payment for your purchases with your Apple pay in Apple Watch .


Whenever you are ready for payment just double click side button of your Apple Watch to begin with your payment cards.

Step 1: Swipe side by side to select your card you would like to pay with.


Step 2: Now you need to turn around your wrist towards the reader until you get the confirmation tap hearing beep stating that you are proceeded with your payments.



How to remove or delete a card from Apple Pay on Apple Watch



Step 1: Launch Apple Watch application in your iphone.


Step 2: Tap -> My Watch and then tap -> Passbook & Apple Pay


step 3: Proceeding further tap on card that you would like to delete from Apple Watch


step 4: Then tap -> Remove Card and moving further tap-> Remove as displayed in popup Menu to get confirmation.







How to include Multiple Cards in Apple Watch to Apple Pay.



Step 1: Launch Apple watch in your iphone and then , tap -> My Watch


Step 2: Tap-> Passbook & Apple Pay and then to add debit/credit card tap -> Add Credit or Debit Card and then tap on Next.


Step 3: Now you need to place your card that you want to add in the Yellow box and it will automatically capture information by your iphone . If you face any trouble then you can tap on -> Add card details manually .

Step 4: Fill up all the details and verify whether it was captured correctly or not and then tap -> Next.


Step 5: Repeat the above Same procedure for the cards that you would like to integrate with Apple Pay on Apple Watch.





How to Select a default card for Payment for apple Pay on Apple Watch


Step 1: Launch Apple Watch app in your iphone and then tap -> My Watch


Step 2 : Tap-> Passbook & Apple Pay and then Tap -> Default Card to choose your default card for payment and you are done . So simple as that ...!







So , this was all about the Apple Pay integration with Wearable Device Apple Watch . Hope you are cleared with all the buzz that was headed in your mind since long.


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