Apple Picking Up traits from Marshmellow : Know the things that Apple IOS needs to adopt from Android's marshmellow

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The argument about whether iPhone or Android is the best platform to be chosen has clouted on since long. Android is one of the biggest platform across the globe, but Apple earns the most dollars and Google loves to acquire almost total of its services up on server on apple's devices , that means you can opt from iOS to Android quite easily. Going to the another path , the things becomes bit dicey.


Now let's move on to the things that apple should adopt from android Marshmellow that makes User engagement with smartphone devices much easy.


1) Changing Default Applications

Though I m in love with my iPhone I will today admit that it never felt like it's totally mine – And the reason is the Application installed in iPhone remains stagnant. In iPhone one cannot modify it in accordance to our need and requirement . Though these apps are the peak of their success and 90% people are no doubt fine with it , but the power and advanced users as well techno geeks would long for using third-party applications as their default application for their activities like those of Email, Messaging , Calander and many other. This all third party installations are available in android app development India devices but will it be possible to implement it on IOS ?


2) None Moving App Icons

This one is quite simple and easy but the problem that I face is that whenever you move any application in iPhone let's say to some new location or screen ,all the other remaining app also moves along – a big shuffling issue . It annoys users so much , why we cannot put an end to all this issue?


3) Multi – User account

This feature is been available in android user's device since the commencement of Android 5.0 . Since long it has been requested in IOS specifically on i-Pad that allows users creating multi-account on their i-pad by logging in through several ways like pin , Password or Touch ID/ fingerprint in accordance to their last used settings .


This feature is arguably more competent for Ipad users as generally couples or family are used to share a single iPad amongst them. Though i-pad are more shared in the working culture multi-user accounts would lead to secure sharing of device without fearing of other person accessing your private data.


4) custom control Center

Control Center came to light in iOS 7 and was theft from the Quick Settings feature that was firstly found in Android. Swiping up bottom of any of the mobile screen and you can find options like Bluetooth, WIFI, Airplane mode etc. But in Android M, Google went ahead and now provides the skill to customize quick settings in android . This was the thing Control Center was in search for. Hopefully Apple would steal this feature of android within short time span.

5) smarter Proactive

Yeah Google now is now successfully available on IOS devices but it's integration is not in stroke of perfection as that of android one's. Though apple thefts all the Concept and features of Google Now but in order to achieve that apple needs to revise its privacy statements and standards. The main reason behind Google Now working at the level of awesomeness is that Google digs out your privacy info like that of Emails , Browse History and many much which is restricted by Apple Inc to access it. But As our smartphones are getting more AI features , apple needs to access our data automatically to sustain itself in the competition.


So , Let's see What is next to be stolen again by Apple. If you wanna develop amazing apps on Android and IOS respectively then Hire iPhone app developer from Hyperlink Infosystem to get the best app developed at a very reasonable rates . Contact us for further development.


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