Apple Set To Drop 32-Bit App Support, What Are The Implication For Your App?

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The Apple franchise has thrived for some time now, and they are known for their mind-blowing technology. From iPhone to iPads and the famous Macs, Apple has positively influenced the digital market. 
App store, the hub for all fun iOS applications has thrilled several iPhone users for years. Offering several applications touching all genres, from gaming app to information and learning applications. The iPhone app development industry started with the introduction of the App Store and is still quite functional.
As there is always room for improvement, Apple is ready for a new upgrade from its current iOS to iOS 11 this fall. This big change will change that face of all iPhones launching a new era of technology. However, this new upgrade will also call for an update of App Store, and the newly designed App Store would not support 32-bit applications. 
The upgrade can only support 64-bit applications, which is good news for some, but bad news for a host of others. Thankfully, some iPhone and iPad models are built with the 64-bit code; applications on these models will not be affected by the upgrade. The 64-bit code was introduced into iOS devices in 2013, with the launch of the iPhone 5S.
Therefore, some of the compatible models are; iPhone 5s/SE/6/6s/7, iPad Air and iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, as well as iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4. Sixth-generation iPod touch, 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad (2017) and new Apple iOS products to come will not be affected. However, if your iOS device still used the 32-bit code, here are some of the upgrades implication on your applications.
iOS 11 Upgrade Implications
32-bit Apps disappearing from store gradually
The iOS 11 upgrade has not been released. However, some 32-bit applications are gradually leaving the application store. Your favorite games might not be there anymore once you go through the search list. This is already happening, therefore, as a company focused on iPhone app development, it is vital to take note of the new requirements of Apple for App Store as a high priority. 
Installed Apps may die
The death of an application is not one to always expect. Applications may encounter problems because of bugs, and the routine debugging should help. However, this is not the issue. With the new upgrade, applications of non-64-bit devices will come to an eminent end. This is most likely to affect p/gamers more than other users. Some 32-bit gaming apps have become an iOS ritual, and they will be mourned for a longer period.
Shutdown of some App development companies
Most of the applications on App Store are arguably 32-bit apps, developed by foremost iOS app development companies. These companies need to be up to date on the latest development or else there would be consequences. Some of your favorite application companies might have to shut down if they are not able to keep up with these advancements.
The following mentioned above just sums up to one thing, 32-bit apps will be either gone or will no longer work on device older than iPhone 5S. This can lead to lots of heartbreaks amongst users. iPhone application fans and application development companies are advised to do the following.
What you must do to avoid the implications
For an iPhone user, there is little or nothing you can do about it. Every iPhone lower than the iPhone 5S would be rendered useless as it is built with the 32-bit code. You need to accept the upgrade as it is meant to enhance Apple devices. 
For a legacy application to work on a 64-bit device, there is a need for a 32-bit subsystem. This subsystem affects the battery performance of your iPhone and takes a lot of memory, hence the need for the upgrade.
As an iPhone enthusiast, all you can do is get another model, that supports the new upgrade and has a 64-bit code. This will make everything easy. However, most of the work lies on the shoulder of the iPhone app development companies.
Application development can never be stopped and updates always being the backbone ensuring the survival of applications on App Store. The App Store policies have changed, and Apple implores all mobile app development companies to hire iPhone app developer that can create 64-bit applications. 
For you to continue to enjoy your favorite applications, app development companies need to step up, and design updates. The update of the legacy applications should be made before the 32-bit support is dropped. This is to assure the survival of these premium applications. 
Therefore, for future purposes, it is advisable to develop solid 64-bit applications, that would be compatible with the iOS 11 upgrade. As a company, you should take note and be vigilant, as these changes are likely to come again in no time.
Why the Upgrade is good for your device
Change is constant, and will forever be. Something new can never be compared to its predecessor. Therefore, the upgrade to iOS 11 is very beneficial to your Apple device. New Apple devices have embedded in them an A-series chip, which is very compatible with the iOS 11 upgrade.
The battery life will be extended, and memory conserved. Applications will no longer slow down your Apple device. The slowdown of devices has been the major issue surrounding iPhone apps for several years.
Also with this upgrade and redesign of App Store, Apple is geared to remove applications which are either corrupted or problematic. This will rid the App store of applications which can bring harm to your Apple device in the long run. It’s a win for the users.
Apple is recorded to have removed over 50,000 applications from App Store, and more of these eliminations should be expected. As an iPhone app developer, you should be mindful of these times and do whatever it takes to save your application on App store. Your consistency as an application developing company is very vital for your business to grow.
For the Apple fans, do not be indifferent about this change because it will come in handy. As time goes by and technology advances, you are expected to move forward with breakthroughs for the greater good. Once the new iOS 11 is launched this fall, it is advisable to upgrade your iPhone and iPad for security and performance purposes,
In a nutshell, the iOS 11 comes with a lot of promises. Promises that would be met, as Apple is known for its consistency. Do not give up on your favorite Apple devices, however, if necessary, use your favorite applications while you can.

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