Are you a Kim Kardashian Fan than here you should know some amazing facts about her app "Kim Kardashian West App"

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As you know Kim Kardashian is a famous personality but are you aware of her own app “Kim Kardashian west app”? Yes! It is a very famous application among her followers where she shares her personal life incidents and much more with her audience.


So here we are with some of the glimpse of her own personal life and her mobile application


Kim Kardashian's Synopsis


Kim is an American television fame and also a multi-personal role like actress, model, socialite, businesswoman.


Born & Brought up: October 21, 1980, Los Angeles, California


First Media Attention: By her friend Paris Hilton


As above Born & Brought up on October 21, 1980, in Los Angeles, California, she is a daughter of Robert and Kris and a younger sister of Kourtney and an older sister of Rob.



Why Kim Kardashian West Official App came into the limelight!





As we know Kim is such a personality that is always in headlines in a mind of people. Her fans are always desperate to know everything about her. What she does, her book of personal life & issues, her events and all the minute breath of her life. And due to such heavy response of audience & fan following Kim introduces an app named “Kim Kardashian West App ” where she out folds each and every exclusive detail about herself.


As you may or may not have heard, Kim Kardashian published her new website and app. So did Kendall and Kylie Jenner (Her sisters).


The best Things You will Find In Kylie Jenner’s latest App


While some of the details are the same—makeup tutorials, get the look and many more. She has given very much close access of her life to her followers and fans.

Here are the best 9 things you will find on her app


Looks for less



Just like Kylie, Kim provides you the division on her outfits and then how to copy a comparable look for yourself, though???—for very, extremely low.



Makeup tutorials





In Kim Kardashian West App, As declared, Kim gives on the makeup tutorial cover. Clearly, contouring is the first thing we require to learn about.


Makeup tutorials for everything you did not even know about


There is the different in-depth tutorial for strobing, which, as Kim tells, is the new contouring. Her makeup expert, Mario Dedivanovic, demonstrates that its plan is actually different, but, yes, it is getting more and more famous.


Inside Kanye info


There is a part assigned to her favorite elements, extending from skincare to home goods. she says the body-wash both she as well as Kanye use. BRB, getting a tub of it!!!!


Selfie tips




As the ruling queen of the selfie, Kim gets motivation for her photos wherever and, thankfully, is giving her advice on the application.


Fashion faves


There is a lot of fashion featured on the site, covering best-time highlights, the motivation behind certain looks, and many more.




Kim is not going to lie to you on her application, she is always here to provide you the fact.


In an honestly long letter, she describes why her pregnancy way is different this time throughout, her information for a person expecting mothers, and why she ever uses a coat.


Pregnancy updations


Kim is using the app to save us informed of her pregnancy and, TBH, her answers are really very good.


Most important things that Kim Kardashian West Official App is available in English.

Kim Kardashian West Official App supports iPhone 4 and higher, iPad 2 and higher, iPod touch 4th generation and higher, all iOS 7 and higher and all Android versions.





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