Benefits Of Investing Time In A Personal Design And Development Project

benefits of investing time in a personal design and development project
Carrying out a personal design project in your spare time can be relaxing and, above all, a very enriching activity. Performing personal projects in the field of design and development has many benefits and advantages for you as app developers. You probably have been spending your free time developing your projects without realizing all the gains that this activity had for you, or perhaps you still don't dare to develop a personal project. In case you don’t know the importance of personal design and development projects, we will list them for you below:
Learn new skills
Your personal design project is likely related to a niche that you like, but you may not have the skills required to carry it out. Let's say, for example, that you want to create an app, but you don't know programming languages. So, it is the perfect opportunity to learn something new.
Even if you decide to carry out a project related to a skill that you already master, it is not in vain, and you will undoubtedly invest that time in polishing your current skills. Or maybe to learn specific things from a tool that you didn't know before. Be that as it may, you always learn something new by investing time in a personal design project.
Gain confidence in yourself
Since a development project helps you polish your skills and learn new ones, it is a great way to gain confidence in yourself professionally. Not only because you learn new things, but because you already have the certainty that you can carry out a project with the sole motivation of learning. As you can see, this is an essential capacity for any developer because not all the projects you do in your life will give you the same satisfaction. That is why it is essential to know that you can find motivation when you need it most.
Also, personal projects allow you to be free on a creative level so that you can verify the extent of your skills and creativity. Expressing yourself and finding creativity through personal projects also helps you gain confidence in yourself.
Know more about yourself
A personal project not only allows you to learn from a specific topic or tool but also helps you learn more about yourself and the types of projects that you like. For example, you may discover new tools that have fascinated you or even new areas that you have never had the opportunity to explore before. Exploring these unknown fields allows you to determine if you like them or not.
Additionally, since you have total freedom in a project of this type, you can know in dept your design process in-depth and how you put your mind to work when you have an idea. Deciphering this process is useful for future projects because by unraveling your work process, you can make adjustments and improve your daily routine.
Have total creative freedom
In projects for clients, your creativity has a limit, whether due to time, money, or simply because your client does not agree with you on some of the processes. At that point, we have to resort to plan B, to obtain a result that also makes your customers happy. Working under the supervision of a boss or a client does not allow your creativity to reach the level you would expect.
However, in personal development projects, you have total creative freedom as no boss or client is supervising you. You can take all the risks you want without affecting anyone's reputation. For this reason, a personal project is essential to be able to explore your development limits and discover your full potential.
Connect with other people in the middle
At the end of your project, you will want to present it to the world. You could do it from your blog, social media account.
In social networks, it is much easier to ask the opinion of your friends. It allows you to reconnect with your colleagues. Maybe someone interested in your project may contact you to offer you a job or a collaborative project.
If your project is successful in social media and is shared many times, you will have the opportunity to make new friends and get new projects.
Improve your resume
Including personal projects in your resume allows your future clients to see all your creative and development potential and indicates that you are continually looking for new things. That way, they can know that you are really passionate about your career because you are doing projects on your own in your free time. And passion can make a big difference when you face a project.
Additionally, since you can unleash all your creativity in these projects, you allow your clients to see the full extent of your skills, a feature that they may not be able to see in your other projects that have been commissioned by clients. Another point in your favor is if they notice a different style in your personal projects, they will recognize that you can listen to the client and use your skills according to the brand personality and the objective of the project.

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