Develop awesome logistics mobile app: Know Some of the outstanding features & model of the application to be developed

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We know that we want the mainstream and that our opponents are quickly outpacing us mainly on the ground of technology.


This is one of the most repeated factors which makes the idea of investigating to a possible mobile application for logistics to boost the common OS every transportation and logistics company usually execute.


The perception gives by an IDC report saying that the current adoption rate of Enterprise app stores is only 30% more highlights this fact.


This could be connected to the passive nature that most solution vendors show in educating more traditional decision-making layers, especially in the technical and ROI perspective.





This could be connected to the passive nature that most solution merchants show in training more traditional decision-making panels, especiallIy another word, a mobile merchant must show tolerance and proactivity in showing how each traditionally long but important administrative task associated proper performance of consignments can be completely executed with the mobile app development company India for logistics and how this turns into real ROI for their structure.


Talking of features let’s see some of the must-have modules and features for dedicated transport mobile solution.


Driver’s regular record:





A module expects for keeping a regular driver’s record. Features add tracking for driver data, hours of performance, space, pre-review, post-review, and delivery details.


Every small detail that is associated with the logistics of distributions included into this feature.



Vehicle distance and Fuel price Tracker:







This collection of features can utilized in tracking expendable distances driven for the business plans.

It enables users to choose the purpose of the journey and it adds the payment amount, based on the company’s reimbursable price.




Driving range optimization:






Would you not like if from the rest of your admin office you were able to recommend optimized track for a specific driver and whole line? Well, your mobile application for logistics can do that as great.



Driver and vehicle tracker:






Your whole feel or any particular driver. All that it requires is your driver to have the dedicated module attached to their BYOD device or the one given by you.


This can also help you optimize the load for any one of them.


Say for instance you get an order for the purchase of assets. A special driver whose vehicle has not yet given the maximum load and who appears to be near the area of the cargo can immediately be allowed to go and choose it up.




Package tracker:







Package Track form enables you to record carrier information, tracking, and who a package was delivered to.


This information can be manually uploaded by the driver through this dedicated module or as most of our client favor, automatic updates which happen as soon as the load moves the location.


As soon as the data package is transferred back to the admin, the equal examines whether the data matches the first input given at the time when the task was allocated to the driver.



Automated clear Form delivery:







As we discussed earlier, our clients specifically like the option where the driver with just a click of a button on the cover can immediately send a clear delivery form back to the middle as soon as the shipment completed.


The delivery form is attached to particular vehicle information and the position of the shipment.


This ensures 100% reliability and efficiency.




Automated Bill of shipping:







The Bill of shipping is an important document for shippers and transporters.


The Bill of shipping mobile module adds compulsory fields covering contact information for a shipper, receiver, third party billing, and transporter, and detail lists of both the client's order and the carrier’s tracking data.


These are the most powerful modules which our shipping and logistics client show particular consideration and enthusiasm for development within their IT structure and mobile primary plan.



Please keep in mind that,



1) This is not the ultimate list of points which you as Transportation Company can use.


2) Most of these features are free and you can pick which of these modules you would want to have them involved in your ultimate mobile solution.


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