Do You Still Need Email Marketing For Mobile App Promotion Today?

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With the popularization of social media marketing and other forms of marketing, you may wonder if you still need to invest in email marketing. Email marketing is an old process of promoting a business through electronic messages. It has to do with reaching out to your target audience and promoting your products and services electronically into email accounts. With email marketing, you can develop a relationship with your clients and prospects. Email marketing is just an electronic form of direct mail marketing. The difference is that the messages are sent directly to your physical mailbox with direct mail marketing but to an electronic mailbox with email marketing. So, with the use of chatbots, and other communication mediums, is email marketing still effect? Should top app development companies still add email marketing to the marketing mix?
Even if everyone feels like email marketing is obsolete, the truth is that most top mobile app development companies still use email marketing effectively. It is a formal way of reaching out to people who have already indicated some form of interest in your mobile app. You can also use it to reach out to those who have stopped using your app due to one problem or the other. Email remains one of the most personal and formal ways to reach people. This is why you receive a thank you email after a product is shipped to you and not a social media post. 
Why Top Mobile App Development Companies Still Use Email Marketing 

1. Email Helps Increase Conversion 
Every app developers aim to get and retain users. This means that anything that can help bring you closer to that goal should be encouraged. Whether you are trying to convince your audience to download or you are trying to get them to reopen your application after a long break, an email is an effective way to reach their hearts. It can help you turn potentials into clients. Research has shown that emails have higher click-through rates than social media posts. You're more likely to get a visitor through email marketing than through simply posting on social media. It helps you to nurture your leads and drive more conversions. 
2. Emails Make It Easy For Top Mobile App Development Companies To Update Customers 
It's true that you can tell your customers about your latest updates via social media channels. However, the changes in the algorithm of most social media platforms now make it more difficult for followers to see your most recent promotional posts. This reduces your reach a great deal. Statistics have shown that while only 2% of your loyal fans get to see your message online, up to 90% of messages get delivered to the mailbox of intended subscribers. You can also send them emails when it's time for contests and promotions. This way, you'll be sure the messages reach the intended recipient. 
3. Email Marketing Is Cost Effective 
Top mobile app development companies still use email marketing to promote apps because it is cheaper than most forms of marketing. You can quickly send messages to your clients even when you are working with limited resources. Many cheap and even free platforms allow you to automate your emails. All you'll have to do is set the system. The emails will be delivered at the appropriate time intervals. You can also track the emails to know which is going to where. This reduces the risk of losing information and sending the wrong messages to your users. 
4. Email Marketing Help Them Develop Unique Messages That Are More Effective 
When you have an opportunity to send each customer a personalized message, you will automatically increase the rate of conversion and retention because you will be telling that customer or prospect that your brand is genuinely interested in he or her as an individual. You will be able to draft out messages based on their preferences and needs. By simply analyzing the data they click on, you'll be able to break your audience into different segments and create messages based on the needs of each segment. 
5. Revenue Increase For Top Mobile App Development Companies
revenue increase
When you have a strong and active email list of subscribers, you'll be able to generate more revenue. Sending promotional messages to your subscribers can propel them to take action. Do not be discouraged if they do not all take action right away. Some of them will, and with consistency, others will follow. This is possible through other methods of advertising, but as stated earlier, the chances of the right audience seeing your messages will be slimmer with social media. You may lose out on leads if you depend on only social media. This is except you decide to pay to push promotional content on social media platforms. Using emails to reach out to your audience at least once a month is a good way to create a rapport with them. 
6. Top Mobile App Development Companies Know That Emails Will Always Be Relevant 
If email marketing were going to become extinct, it would have become extinct long ago. Many social media platforms have reigned and faded, but emails have remained. People still use emails on a daily basis. It may not seem like it, but email marketing is going to remain relevant no matter how many other forms of marketing strategies are developed. While people will be quick to abandon one social media platform the moment they find another, the chances of abandoning email accounts altogether are slim. Since the beginning of email marketing in 1978, using emails to send promotional messages has come a long way. It has remained relevant and maintained its consistency. 
Even if emails started off as a simple medium of communication, it has become a master tool for marketers. It gives mobile app development companies an opportunity to take targeted and personalized marketing campaigns to interested users and prospects. This is why they still use email marketing even with the popularization of other forms of marketing. If you want to benefit from email marketing, you need to start building a list of subscribers today. With consistency, you'll see results.

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