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Those rocking jailbreak that has been watching for the perfect everything-in-one 3D Touch notification-clearing tweak for their iOS devices require not look any more than a current jailbreak tweak publish called EasyClear.


This tweak does use of the 3D Touch display on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to make you dismiss notifications completely throughout iOS.Whether it be a device on an app icon from the Home screen or one or more notifications from Notification Center.


The everything-in-one tweak for 3D touch notification release. We have shown you a variation of tweaks that use various methods for removing notifications on your device, some even use the force-sensitive 3D Touch display on supported devices.


One of the more current releases we have shown you that uses 3D Touch for removing devices from the Home screen app icons on your device is QuickClear. EasyClear, on the another hand, not just lets you dismiss notifications badges from your Home screen, but also gives it easy to remove notifications from Notification Center and on your Lock screen with a 3D Touch display.






Also, for those with devices that do not support 3D Touch – don’t worry! EasyClear will enable you to use an alternative display to use the tweak with your device, alternative displays include swipes and tapping to get things done, but more on that later!



Who will EasyClear request to?



EasyClear is a tweak that will do the lives of those with apparently endless notifications simple. It enables you to clean up your Home screen of problem app device, and it also creates it simple to clear notifications from your Lock screen or Notification Center in one fell drop.

If you have an application that is always confusing your Home screen, Notification Center, and Lock screen with notifications you could worry less about, this tweak will help you execute them more instantly and with a funner-display.


With only a quick 3D Touch gesture or alternative gesture, each of the unnecessary notifications can be cleaned away so you can concentrate on the ones that really mean to you for later.



How EasyClear works







If you have a notification device on an app, and you need to make that device, all you require to do is perform a 3D Touch display on that app icon and you will receive the Quick Actions menu. From here, you will find a new Clear Notifications choice which will cover the device from the app icon.


You can do this for any of your applications, and another app notification devices will continue in your Home screen for your recognition in the future.


For notifications in Notification Center, you can make a double-tap display on any of the notification headers to remove all the notifications for a particular app.

You can also use 3D Touch elsewhere on the screen though in Notification Center to clear all your notifications from Notification Center.


The equal type of displays can be used on the Lock screen to make fast work of notifications there too.


EasyClear has a long decision pane, which is great for users who require to has more control over how the tweak works, but it can also be consuming as users that require a tweak to work out of the case without having to configure inclusive settings.


Luckily, most of the settings are set to defaults that perform the tweak useful out of the box, and you just have to configure the settings if you actually want to.


EasyClear is an excellent option for anyone seeking to unify notification clearing and the 3D Touch display into one useful step.


It is an excellent because it works in three important interfaces – the Lock screen, Notification Center, and for devices on the Home screen. It is especially nice that you can choose to clear specific app notifications based on where they are coming from, or clear all of them altogether.


it is awesome that the app developers set the time and efforts for making the tweak compatible without the require to use third-party tweaks like revealMenu and Forcy.


This benefits those with past iOS devices that do not support 3D Touch to be capable take benefit of excellent features that only the jailbreak community could provide at this early of a time.


It has a very clear interface with great characteristics and performance and performs an excellent addition to jailbroken iOS 8 or iOS 9 devices. Yes, Hyperlink Infosystem is one of the top app development companies across the globe. In the tech society, every updation is most valuable for us and we produce the great apps for you. Contact us now!


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