Everything you should know about Seeker: It is an innovative addition of Apple's primary audio sponging

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The primary iOS Lock screen also Control Center music control interfaces provide users only a system to play or pause music, skip ahead and backward in tracks, or set the volume, but seeker made on the interface that already exists.

For example, the tweak performs it feasible to clean by your currently-playing track directly from Control Center either the Lock screen and adds Podcast-like incremental searching buttons on or side of the pause and play key.



Some of the longer important new points you can assume to like from Seeker are presented here







1) Seeking via Lock screen & Control Center:


Sponging by a step to go to your favorite music or to replay your chosen part of a song used to only be probable right from the app playing the music itself.


Seeker makes you do this from the Lock screen or Control Center music controls.


2) Live seeking:


As you sponge by music using the Lock screen or Control Center, your song status moves and remains to play in actual time without any gap in playing and without the requirement to raise your finger.


3) Incremental seeking controls:


Exactly like in the Podcasts app given by Apple out of the case, Seeker gives the equal incremental searching controls that make you move forward or back by a presently playing song directly from the music controls interface on the Lock screen or Control Center.


4) Fast forward and rewind:


Not only are those next track and past track keys applied for moving between songs, but you can now tap and hold on them to simply sponge forward or behind by a track.

The longer you hold on a button, the quicker the seeking will go.


5) Smart previews:


If you are doing a lot of seeking, Seeker has functionality make in it to guess where you will be closing so that you have a sense of what part of the song you are about to be hearing to later you publish your finger.


6) Smooth seeking approved universally during iOS:


Apple’s high-sureness audio scrubbing is now allowed for the Lock screen plus Control Center, as well as of the Music application itself.


7) Round seeker control:


Lets you adjust the seeker bar in a control comparable to the one on the volume bar, which just appeared to do sense to have now that you can take it and pass it throughout.


8) Tap anywhere:


You can also tap everywhere on the scrubber bar to simply transfer to that location in the song.

No tapping and dragging are also wanted.


9) Using volume buttons for faster seeking:


Optionally, you can also do fast volume button presses to seek by a song based on incremental changes.




Seeker capabilities


The developer has operated difficult to obtain Seeker compatible with a broad category of services, covering third-party music application and even other jailbreak tweaks.


In terms of what application Seeker continues, In this picture you can see the current records:





Configuring Seeker


After being installed, Seeker combines a choices pane to the Settings application where you can toggle any of the just considered features on and off.

You will also obtain some more characteristics here that we have not still considered.



All of the points that can be allowed or disabled from this decisions pane introduce:






Seeker gives a multiple of beneficial features to the Lock screen also Control Center music controls that would have been correct to have out of the box.


But for anything reason, Apple prefers to limit functionality where it does not actually require to be restricted.


Seeker manages as near to the top app development companies see as possible while still combing significant functionality in these control interfaces.


The tweak’s adaptability with third-party music applications, similar to Spotify, as well as a great list of another famous jailbreak tweaks, is a really big additional.


Furthermore, as app developers notice that the further exceptional grained power over sponging performs it actually simple to get to any point in a song you require to take to.





I guess this tweak is an excellent addition for anybody who attends to the lots of music and does not like to have to begin the now playing app every time they want to go behind or forward in the song.

To provide your iPhone that more music control that it requires all during iOS, Seeker is a fabulous addition to any jailbroken device that is utilized often for music playback. With it, you will never have problems replaying your favorite sections of songs always repeatedly.


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