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app preview

App Previews are brief videos that explain the features, functionality, and user interface of your application. Rather of static screenshots, users will immediately be able to gain more penetration into an app before getting it.


You know what that means? It is time to start creating some videos! But not only any old videos.


In connection with Apple’s guidelines, we have set collectively this step-by-step guide to building your individual killer App Preview.


Basic Steps to make app preview for app



Define the content:







You should brainstorm the characteristics that you want to highlight in your video. Figure out the various compelling elements of your application or the updates which you have made and rank them.


You only have 20 to 30 seconds to get by the best your application has to give. By putting the preference you can make sure you cover an essential function.




Write a script:







Having the story in your video can assure you are seeing all the excellent elements of your app over simply, so it is necessary to script it out preferably than invent it.


For a 30 second video, we suggested having your script under 70 words. If you placed your content , you will know how many talking points you can apply in those 70 words.


Then take a dry read to get sure it adheres to the time limit and develops over easily.




Take a voiceover:







If you plan to record the voiceover yourself, be sure to get a real microphone, go to a peaceful location - like a room filled with clothes, or simply hang a blanket over yourself - and voice sharply.


If the budget grants, you should hire a professional voice ability to add a level of finish and professionalism to your video.




Capture the video:







Apple asks that your App Preview composed essentially of device-captured footage. With iOS 9 this is simple to do. Simply plug in the Lightning connector of your phone to your PC and record live footage as you operate the application.


The footage of your phone will go straightly into QuickTime. When in doubt, record a few shots and get further footage than you believe you require. You can always cut points out in the post.




Edit and animate:







Release the footage you have taken into ultimate Cut Pro, iMovie, ScreenFlow, or your fancy editing software and begin to playing it together.


It is a great idea to add few sort of simple text and animations on the screen that highlights some parts of your application or where your finger think to touch.


We also suggest joining a custom title card and end card to involve your audience and reinforce your brand.



Add music:



App Previews may not be the most interesting videos to watch, but they give an outstanding function.


An easy, upbeat power-free music track from a stock music site can considerably enhance your ultimate video.









Submit your App Preview to Apple through iTunes attach and use the following formatting specs to assure perfect playback on the relevant devices.


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