Google duked Oracle API for Open JDK for forthcoming/approaching Android Versions...Fantasy or Solidity??

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Yes you heard it right ... it's not a fantasy. Google rolled out Oracle's proprietary Java Development Kit (JDK) for OpenJDK. Google has seasoned that it will subtitle to OpenJDK for Application Programming Interface and will no longer get indulged with oracle JDK for its upcoming version Android N which is already in work of development. The evolvement came to flame when a " code base summit" flare up at Hacker News back in November.


Android offers some Libraries that are used to develop some applications using Java platform that can be briefly categorized as:


1) libraries API

2) Google Codes for further functioning.



Making it specifically oracle Applications of libraries includes proprietary version of JDK and OpenJDK. Now the question arises over here is what is the major difference between these two JDKs for which Google and oracle are suing off their labels in courts??


Well Actually, Oracle JDK’s initiated from OpenJDK source code. So technically no major difference found but Apart from the base code, Oracle JDK includes, implementation of Java Plug in and Java Web Start, graphics rasterizer and Rhino respectively while OpenJDK Font Renderer and Oracle JDK Flight Recorder are the techie difference been in sighted around.


The code commits which is in question of around thousands of techies, shows changes in 8902 files clearly depicting an evidential proof that goggle has supplemented OpenJDK code in Android:


Initial import of OpenJdk files.

Create new libcore/ojluni directory with src/main/java and src/main/native subdirectories.

Build ojluni into core-oj jar.

Use openjdk classes from java.awt.font package.

Copy all files from jdk/src/share/classes and jdk/src/solaris/classes directories in openjdk into libcore/ojluni/src/main/java.

Copy following native files from openjdk to libcore/ojluni/src/main/native: [long list of files]



This is only a single commit. Many more changes are committed by Google in open-source archive in association to adopt OpenJDK.


Google is hoping that applausement would be received by Android developers as it simplifies the code on which they build apps — a common code base for these Java API libraries, in opposition to multiple code bases. Reason may be true but goggle has totally switched over to OpenJDK which has not been done back years ago.


Goggle moderately Uses OpenJDK code in applications. It is thought-provoking for all the developers and technies to brainstorm how Oracle JDK and OpenJDK is kept in quadrant?


Eventually,all the development , trial and error is been ventured in OpenJdk and then they are ruled out in Oracle JDK. If any error or bugs are been lime lighted then they are resolved in private forest while boycotting all the reviews in public forums, code suggestions, nominal fixes and then they are steamrolled to oracleJDK and then to OpenJDK.


But, Many Developers are facing issues in heading with OpenJDK which has not made them to turn out to shift from OracleJDK to OpenJDK. As Google partially uses OpenJDK it has open its path to OracleJDK and OpenJDK by moving towards to OpenJDK.



As Google has changed its oversight could be labelled to heat up a hassle between two most labelled companies. It is like an antagonism where court decisions are inconstant from pillar to post in Saviour of each company.


In any of the consequences Android’s is destined on OpenJDK now, and proprietary version of the JDK will be out of Google's platter.


On a Compelling note, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced at the Delhi University in India that power to decide Upcoming Android Version would be in the hands of Layman through online polling system.


As such, Google wants to get in more amount of assets into OpenJDK where developing team can have a bigger impact on new features and improvements. That’s the developer story of course Google is flinging but there’s an enormous legal historical here that can’t be blown over. Hyperlink Infosystem is one of the leading Mobile app and web development company in India and serves the best Android App development across the globe. Contact us for any information needed on App development on any platform.


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