Growing Usage of Smart-Phone Devices : Does Future Business Lies in Mobile Application development?

Growing Usage of Smart-Phone Devices : Does Future Business Lies in Mobile Application development?

As there is increase in figures of person that possess cellphones so is the expansion in usage of Smart-phone devices. 95% of the Indian populations holds the mobile phone amongst which 70% are the smart-phone holders.

Further exhibiting the prevalence of Smart-phone devices 1.5 billions Smart-phone devices are predicted to be sold in the upcoming year , which is approx double figure than that of PC.


With over 20 billion Smart-phone Internet devices predicted to be in utilization by 2016, the mobile app market will increase on high rate to match up with the requisition and match up with latest evolvement of technologies.


Mobile App development trend shows great focal point in some growing areas which are expected to grow more in the near 2020:

1) Social Networking Sector :- One of the rapidly growing mobile app class.

2) Context-aware Marketing :- It will enhance App Experience.

3) LBS(Location-based Services) :- 2 billion Customer LBS User base is expected in 2020.

4) Mobile Searching :- Comparison between Products and its price through hand-held device like mobile.

5) M commerce :- Increasing Customer Shopping Experience and their daily requirement.

6) Recognition of Object :- Advanced Sensor and processing abilities.

7) MPS (Mobile Payment system) :- NFC is expected to be enabled in almost every 2 device in nearest future.

The Future in context to technologies & IT related Business and services is not only fruitful for customers but also for the people engrossed in IT sector. The Expected Project growth rate is about 130% in correspondence to approximation of about average salary of $120,000 Per Annum, App Development Sector is considered as one of the most promising and rare- recession based career freaking jobs for the Graduates and masters.

Now Let's move on some figures and facts that elaborates crystal clear future of Mobile Application Development:

Mobile Usage is constantly Increasing

90% of the Indian Population holds Mobile Phone amongst which 60% are the smart-phones users.

Approximation of 1B Smart-Phone devices are expected to be sales out in the next 2017 which is the ratio double than the selling of systems/ Laptops.

Ratio of World Population and Mobile Phone by 2017

1.5 Device Mobile on earth - > 7.5 B population by 2017 - > 15B Mobile Internet Connected devices in usage all over the world.

Most Platform Ownerships are in Favor of Android & Iphone

By the Year 2015 there is gradual changes being found in people's choice of usage. There is huge growth of Android and Iphone users as well as demand for the same. 25 % and 28% increase is being found in i Phone and android respectively and this has led Blackberry and windows as left-out by just a minor increase of 10% in blackberry and decrease of windows usage by 1% respectively.

Mobile Apps in usage by end of 2015

Let's look out some stats that gives us clear idea about app usage

68% -> app down loaders states that they are indeed using application.

55% -> Make use of Apps daily

50% -> Make use of downloaded app at least once or twice a week.

35% -> Use 6-7 apps on weekly basis

25% -> use apps for at least 30 min a day.

Application Downloads till 2016

Google Play-store -> 50 Billion apps downloaded by users and still 1 million apps available in market.

Apple I-tunes -> 75 billions apps downloaded and 1.5 billions apps available in market.

Applications Payment

47% Users -> Pay for the app

6$ - > 50% User states that highest amount paid for the app is 6$ or less than that.

25$ -> 20% Users states that they have paid more than 25$ for n app.

Application Revenue


450% mobile advertisement income is being expected by 2012-2016.

Top apps where Users Spend Their Highest Time


Average Time Spent

Social Apps & Search and Various Portals

10 hours and 55 Min


10 hours and 30 Min


3 hours and 45 Min

Productivity & Tools

2 hours and 16 Min

E-Commerce and Shopping

1 hour and 35 Min


Through this we can have at least estimate that the app development sector has huge scope in near future that give employment to huge number of people while contribution a share in national income generation. Hyperlink Infosystem one of the best Top App development Company are also engrossed and striving hard to develop more fruitful and worth apps. Want to develop an app ? Contact us and we will give best quote to you.


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