How Blockchain Adoption Will Disrupt The Mobile Application Development Industry

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For some time now, there have been so much talk and publicity (not hype) about the use of blockchain technology to improve processes within several industries. This has been one of the hottest topics discussed on various social media platforms and news channels in recent times. 
Since the successful implementation of Bitcoin in 2009 and its ensuing remarkable growth (attaining the highest peak ever in its history in 2017), the blockchain technology has got so many eyes rolling. Many modern enterprises drawn from various industries are beginning to show interest in the disruptive technology due to the purportedly great potentials and possibilities it possesses. 
Currently, many industry experts are of the opinion that the blockchain technology will play a very crucial role in advancing mobile app development thereby resulting in an overwhelming growth that will transcend to many other industries. This is why a good number of businesses today are focusing much of their efforts, resources, and time toward establishing an enabling environment within their company for the technology to thrive in. And one of the most common ways of achieving this remarkable feat is through mobile app development. 
How mobile app developers plan to adopt blockchain
mobile app developers
The mobile app development industry is currently one of the most popular industries that the blockchain threatens to disrupt. This is mainly because they both tend to adopt the same source – the Internet. Secondly, since mobile development deals with the creation of applications for mobile devices which have risen to become the most popular gadgets in the world, then there is basically no better place for the technology to thrive in than on these devices. 
While blockchain can be said to still be in its early stages of maturity, it is important to understand that the technology which functions but as an environment and software platform is polymorphic in nature. This simply means that blockchain can be effectively utilized to perform other processes beyond what it is currently being used for now. To this end, it is interesting to know that aside from using the technology to speed up transaction processes across a decentralized network, app developers can adopt blockchain to create a new generation of mobile applications that are not only decentralized in nature but also designed to function on the blockchain. 
In comparison with other programming languages like Rust, Go, and Python, it is actually not wrong to say that Java is the most popular programming language for the web. Most professionals have tipped this programming language to be the main development tool developers will require to program blockchain-enabled apps. While some think that Java will be the pioneer programming language for the technology due to its overwhelming popularity, there are those who believe that its high-level of neutrality can contribute to that. 
Whatever the reason may be, Java is better suited for this transformation because it works on virtually everything and the blockchain tech will surely not be an exception. However, app developers are faced with the challenge of knowing the right platform to adopt as many of the currently available platforms are still in their respective development stages and are yet to fully mature. 
Not until matured and resilient platforms were developed for the blockchain technology, developers have often found it difficult to adopt and use the technology to its fullest extent. Today, there are quite a good number of formidable applications that have been designed and developed by app developers on some highly effective development platforms established to support blockchain development technology. 
Integrating blockchain with app development
Today, app developers are successfully integrating mobile app development with blockchain technology (though in an unnoticeable manner) to meet up to the demands of mobile users. Basically, they simply use the blockchain technology to run operations in the background of the application they’re developing. 
Depending on the functionality level of the app that they are developing, developers will need to choose a suitable blockchain platform to build an app on. This could include Hyperledge, Quorum, IOTA, Multichain, Ethereum, etc. 
When it comes to creating advanced blockchain solutions for web and mobile devices, the Hyperledger platform is highly recommended. This is simply an open-source blockchain platform that some developers are employing today to effectively integrate blockchain into their application development process. It is easy to find many app developers using this platform to build functional blockchain applications for supply chain management. For those interested in IoT, the Hyperledger platform has proven to be very effective in helping to develop meaningful blockchain solutions based on the technology of Internet of Things (IoT).
When you talk about developing blockchain apps for IoT devices, this is the platform to choose. In a bid to enhance fast and secure payment services between connected IoT devices, most developers often prefer to use the IOTA platform. This open-source platform is based on providing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions. It is the perfect platform for developing payment systems, thanks to its amazing ability to handle unlimited transactions at any given time, confirm transactions faster, and use the direct acyclic graph (DAG) technology. 
Most blockchain app developers prefer this platform due to its high-levels of flexibility and adaptability. As an open-source platform, Ethereum is accessible to the general public and offers smart-contract functionality necessary for creating ICOs and enhancing blockchain dApp development.
It may interest you to know that there are over 25 platform languages that any app development company can employ to enhance blockchain app development, only the top three platforms were listed above. Selecting and working with a platform is the most important aspect of the entire blockchain development process as the whole project depends on it. 
In order to effectively analyze the product’s roadmap and its technical components, developers will need to pass through a blockchain ideation process in which they will need to brainstorm ideas and consider other relevant requirements. This is just how the blockchain technology is disrupting mobile app development.

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