How To Easily Select The Right Platform For Blockchain App Development

blockchain technology
Now that the blockchain technology is enabling users to get better visibility on various happenings around them, there seems to be an increasing demand for the technology in virtually every sector and industry. Almost every modern enterprise is either using or planning to adopt this technology and integrate it into their business processes to improve the services they offer to their clients. It is obvious that the blockchain is more than just a transaction platform. To this end, there is a need for proper education and understanding of the system. 
Generally, every developer needs to be well-organized, pay attention to every detail, and be well-experienced particularly when it comes to developing an application. Be it for the web, mobile or blockchain, it is always important to understand the need for maintaining full composure during development which is considered as the core aspect of the entire process. 
Understanding the development process
It is at this stage that developers are required to develop distinctive application programming interfaces (APIs) for their application. Basically, these are a set of procedures and functions that are required to enhance the development of the app that will access the data or features of both the operating platform and the technology (blockchain). These features play a very crucial role in storing and retrieving data on the app, as well as performing auditing functions. 
Basically, there is the need for app developers to build APIs for the application they are building as this will help to improve the management and function of smart contracts that will be required to run the business capabilities of the app. Along with the help of hashes and digital signatures, APIs are necessary during development to enable the app to perform data authentication. This is also very useful in helping the app to generate pairs of keys and get them mapped to the specific addresses. 
Choosing the right blockchain platform
blockchain platform
Unlike mobile app development, where it’s easy for developers to just learn a programming language and after which, they are good to develop apps for its corresponding mobile app platform, blockchain app development would require more than just learning a programming language. As a matter of fact, things could get even more complicated when it comes to selecting and using a platform suitable for the development process. 
It is usually at this point that many developers get confused about knowing the right platform to use for their blockchain application. Well, there is no need to fret or worry about choosing a blockchain platform to work with. Some of the best ways to spot the right platform to use are 
- Getting yourself familiarized with the various available blockchain platforms
- Knowing their various features and capabilities
- Trying as much as possible learn how best they can make your app work
- Considering the type of apps these platforms are created for, before taking your final decision. 
Here are some proven ways by which mobile app developers seeking to adopt blockchain technology can effectively make the right platform choice for their mobile application development. 
Identify the right network
Just so you know, there are different types of network solutions that developers can adapt to build their technology on. While some are open to the general public, there are those that have limited access. They are known as private networks. It is advisable to know the type of network you are planning to develop before going ahead to select a blockchain platform. 
Not everyone is allowed to get on the private network; only authorized users are permitted to participate. Platforms with this feature will make a suitable option for any developer intending to restrict movement into the network. However, you might want to consider employing a platform that offers free access to everyone – public network. Here, everyone is allowed to participate and make changes just as they choose to. 
So, do well to consider these factors squarely before taking a final decision on a platform to choose. 
Don’t underestimate cryptocurrency
While most people would consider blockchain to be cryptocurrency, there is, however, a great difference between the two. As a technology, blockchain basically provides an enabling environment for cryptocurrency to thrive in. When planning for a blockchain app development, there is the need to consider how cryptocurrencies perform on the platform you are selecting. 
It doesn’t matter if the blockchain app you are developing will use cryptocurrency or not. What matters here is the viability of the platform which can be judged by how well cryptocurrencies perform on them. For instance, while IOTA can be used to support a cryptocurrency, it is also good to know that this platform can be highly efficient in developing IoT applications. 
Understand the platform’s consensus protocol
Well, it is difficult to work on any blockchain platform if you don’t fully understand its consensus protocol and how it works with it. While there are different consensus protocols such as Proof of Burn, Proof of Elapsed time, Proof of Stake, Proof of Work, etc., it is essentially important to understand that there are also different blockchain development platforms that work with different consensus protocols. To this end, you can make a great choice of platform by simply identifying its consensus protocol and understanding how it works. 
Consider the importance of smart contracts
smart contracts
Basically, this has to do with executing an individual protocol that is responsible for processing, validating or enforcing a trigger-based action stored on the blockchain system. Not every blockchain application will require smart contracts. As an app developer, it is your responsibility to determine such elements will be necessary. 
Consider the nature of the platform
Your selection of a blockchain platform will largely depend on the way and manner it operates. While some are designed to only feature a cryptocurrency, there are many that will need you to employ more than one crypto token or rely on smart contracts. Understanding this fact can simplify the entire selection process for you. 

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