How Virtual Reality Can Be Used In Mobile App Development

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The proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices has provided an opportunity for Augmented Reality. Unlike the discontinued, pricey or the inconvenient nature of AR on Laptops or Google Glasses, sensor and marker based AR is useful for several mobile apps. 
Virtual reality is basically a computer-simulated environment which attempts to mimic physical presence in the real world. 
You would require a very advanced Head Mounted Display such as the highly sophisticated Oculus Rift in order to experience the VR world.
Apart of Oculus Rift, there are many other devices that can take you to the world of VR such as Google Cardboard, Zeiss’s Virtual Reality One, Google VR SDK for Unity and Samsung’s Gear VR. All of them rely on your iPhone or Android smartphones to display the virtual videos. 
Many expert Indian app developers and startup companies would be interested in finding out how VR can be applied in mobile app development. This article will do just that.
We will share our thoughts about how a mobile development company NYC like yours can apply virtual reality to your app development business. 
Below are industries that have unlocked the potential of VR and are already benefiting from it. 
1. Real estate:
VR is fast becoming a veritable too in the Real estate industry. Panoptic Group (a real estate firm) having recently collaborated with Arch Virtual to make VR tours in 3Ddeveloper Panoptic Group went into cooperation with Arch Virtual last year to make VR tours in 3D for prospective clients confessed that VR is helping them close deals very fast because clients can get a feel of the interior and exterior of the house, including it grounds without visiting the location. 
Unlike Panoptic Group whose Oculus Rift technology is not compatible with mobile devices, ‘Start VR' is involved in real estate tours and entertainment app development. It produces photo-realistic 3D world and 360-degrees videos for their clients. Clients that have Android devices and a VR headset can view properties in 3D before they visit the firm.
2. Travel industry:
A mobile app development company can create use VR apps for the Travel industry. The ‘Ascape virtual reality app' for example enables users to travel around the world in 3D. They can take virtual reality tours of the world's biggest cities. Users can check out the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the beautiful pyramids of Egypt. Just in case you are not sure where to spend your next vacation, VR travel apps can help make that choice for you. All you need is your Android device and a VR headset.
3. Automotive industry:
The automotive industry has already taken advantage of the virtual reality technology. Automobile companies like Ford, Volvo, and Audi are using VR to create a 3D experience for their clients. The clients can check out and customize different care models before visiting the stand to see the car. 
This is very useful because it does not only facilitate faster decision making for customers, it provides and an avenue for the automobile firm to promote their new products before they hit the market.
Ford and Audi carry out their VR program using Oculus Rift. On the other hand, Volvo has released their virtual reality mobile app. With it, their clients can thoroughly check out and test-drive their XC90, which comes with a 360-degree video footage and a 3D animation of the interior of the car, from the comfort of their bedroom. 
4. Education:
Research has shown that students can easily remember knowledge gained through experience faster than those gained from ready books. This is why many schools are drifting towards mobile technology as academic tools, and are paying more attention to field trips.
Now, thanks to virtual reality, students can actually go on field trips while in their classroom. Students can have the first-hand experience of Vegetation, Habitat for wild animals, etc. all in 3D while in school. With VR, it is even more fun. You can be in a zoo with lions and other wild animals and not have your parents or tour guide police you about. 
Using Oculus Rift, ‘Vessels VR’ seeks to leverage on the VR technology to produce an amazing VR educational experience for school students about the circulatory system of the body. Of course, you cannot capture a 3D video inside the human body, so they intend to use the models of Oculus Rift development kit and make a 3D animation of the internal part of human body.
On its part, ‘EON Reality’ is using apps offering a whole library of educational VR experience in 3D. They also offer virtual reality app development for academic-related projects.
5. Healthcare:
Doctors and other professionals in the health sector require experience and skill especially as it regards to surgical and trauma related operations.
With virtual reality, medical professionals can explore different avenues to learn how to care for patients without risks. They can equip themselves with knowledge and skills as they interact with objects during realistic tutorials in 3D. 
One wrong move in the manufacturing industry can lead to disastrous consequences. An employee that is not trained to use certain machines may while performing his statutory duties accidentally injure himself or others. Virtual Reality reduces the risk of such occurrence as it trains employees in the art of using equipment in line with global best practices. During such training, instructors can monitor the performance and progress of their trainees and effect changes were necessary. This would help prevent accidents. 
6. Sales:
Virtual Reality can be applied in different areas of the sales industry. Instead of merely reading about the features, usability, and benefit of the products, Sales executives can have a deeper understanding of your new products through interaction with the item on VR. 
During the VR simulations, they can interact with a virtual customer to ascertain their needs find a suitable product to meet them. This is a sure way to horn their sales and negotiation skills. 
Virtual Reality which used to be something one would see on silver screen or read in utopic novels is now a stark naked reality. Such that app developers and organizations around the world are beginning to see the endless possibilities it brings. 
Although virtual reality has made significant progress even to the point of having mobile apps, there is still an opportunity for app developers in India and others to make more apps that would revolutionize life as we know it. 
Virtual reality is still in the early stage of development, and a lot has already been done. We wonder what would become of this technology in the years to come. With the development of ARKit, Apple is set to use the iOS 11 to shake up VR like never before. This is, therefore, a very good time for app development companies interested in catching the VR flight to hire iPhone app developers in their app development business. 

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