HTTP/2 promises to precipitate Web Surfing & its Protection by 2016

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A fresh version of HTTP, shortened for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is ultimately been approved by the IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group) to aid dash up how fast web pages are consigned. The standard is important for reigning how communications takes place between a web browser and server to load all web pages, and so it is an indispensable foundation to the internet.The web is about to speed up thanks to a crisp version of HTTP – the largest change since 1999 to the protocol that backs the world wide web as we are familiar with it today.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol is long-familiar to most as the http:// at the start point of a web address. It manages the connections between a user’s browser and server hosting that particular website, invented by the god father of the web development named Sir Tim Berners-Lee.


Understanding abstract of HTTP/2.



HTTP/2 being founded and built on Google's SPDY is the upcoming version of HTTP/2 , that was designed to increase in speed of loading web pages and the users browsing experience. The existing protocol HTTP1.1 used by maximum sites on the internet today is been overtaken by this modern criteria.


Dissimilarity witnessed between HTTP v/s HTTP/2.



HTTP/2 is a more updated protocol that basically boosts web browsing up using new paths of carting data between browser and server across internet.

It is feasible with HTTP1.1 and uses almost similar technologies, but it is more competent and allows servers to revert with more content than was originally requested, eliminating the need for the user’s computer to constantly send requests for more details until a website is fully loaded.

Browsers can also appeal more than one packet of data at a time from one site and request data from multiple websites at once, again boosting up the process of loading single or multiple websites.


Will I Indeed see a difference?




Yes web pages will load pretty faster as those of HTTP 1.1. As high – speed broadband depicts that web pages loading is pretty faster as we have thought of but also the new protocol will permit web pages & browsers to take benefit of increased bandwidth.

The Current or you can say Modern sites consisting of numerous images, text, data are able to load drastically at a faster rate but once cached in computer limits the benefits we used to enjoy during first loading of website.


This new protocol will result in boosting up of mobile browsing that was held often back by the amount of time it takes for a request made by user to travel from a mobile or tab to the web server over a mobile connection. Allowing mobile device to make multiple request at a same time should cut down the loading time considerably.


Do i need to do anything?




No from the user endpoint nothing changes everything remains as before except those of speed or being specific browsing speed. Though the address bar will display http:// but the browser will automatically switch between HTTP 1.1 & HTTP /2 as and when required.

Though Google Chrome users have been using SPDY protocols along with Google services for the last two years but probably haven’t noticed.


Security Aspects :


Besides from unmitigated speed HTTP 2.0 will gradually lead to increase in security due to advanced encryption. The Google chrome users requires SPDY protocols that requires TLS to be enabled that follows Google's push to guard privacy on web resulting in reduction of no of hacking fragilities.

Lastly the major update was released back 16 years ago before 1999.


What about the existence of HTTPS?


HTTPS versions of web used all over currently like in banks, restaurants, shopping centers would remain the same as HTTP/2 is having full uphold for encryption in the same manner HTTP 1.1 have that will remain unchanged in way user access secured way of services.

The reason for overcoming of HTTP over HTTP/2 is that it is an improved version of TLS that has been standardized back in 2008 offering better security than the prior standards which is been used by majority of the services.


When will I be fortunate to use HTTP/2?

Though it is formally been approved but still it is upto websites , hosting services and the big bang companies like Google when to implement such standards.

Google has formally agreed that its current SPDY protocol will be drawn in favor of HTTP/2 in chrome by the year 2016 we hope to see this implementation in the high profile app development India companies websites like Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Yahoo and many more to go in the near future.


One last formality is required before HTTP 2.0 is unleashed to the world, and that is the "Request for your Comments if you know bit Extra" . There are some top app development companies like Hyperlink Infosystem which is most renowned app development companies awaiting to implement HTTP/2 services . If you want to Integrate such updated Services that boosts up your web portals then contact us ..!


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