IOS 10 : New Extension of the apple- Know some of the confirmed features by apple in WWDC-2016

IOS 10 : New Extension of the apple- Know some of the confirmed features by apple in WWDC-2016

All iPhone users out there. Here is a great news for you, iOS 10 has been announced! That is completely true; the much-awaited addition in iOS now has a defined structure & will reach to you this October or November. iOS 10 announcements formed the most significant part of Apple’s WWDC 2016 conference. iOS 10 or IPhone app development companies now have different features to make use of for developing new apps.


Apple ensures to give more control to users with the presentation of iOS 10. There’s so much discuss of this OS! Obviously, You Can not wait to read about the new OS.


Know How of iOS 10 & its important features:



Be it reacting to sender’s message or creating suspense during sending images, messaging experience is fully personalized in iOS 10. Give birthday wishes or say compliments to your friend or colleague in an exciting way. Apple enables its users to shows their feelings of excitement and pleasure by sending screen animations by with regards and wishes.


What is a chat with emoji? IT is same like a 300 pages book without a single image. All of us have that child yet alive that comes out while talking with friends. Rather of searching for emoji to suit your text all time, replace it automatically with an individual touch. No font is as good as written one. Apple considers your way of writing and allows you to send a message in your writing. Further, the handwritten text would appear as ink flowing over apaper on the receiver’s screen.


Tired of the same balloons in messaging app? If yes then You can now make the receiver feel the power of your text message by telling it loudly, proudly or simply tell with bubbles rising accordingly.


With street smarter for your maps, you can get to know about the quick possible route to reach the target. What’s further is that it provides advice on possible destinations you would like to go to based on your modern location and record of commonly visited places.


Search for a destination in maps & book a trip to reach the place instantly. Maps are now taking a booking from a table at your favorite restaurant to booking a cab. Maps provided with all these functionalities make your task simple.


While traveling in a car, know about the gas plants, café or food joints that come in your way by maps. It further tells you about other mile & time it takes to reach there from your main route.

Smart Home app:

Your home can now get an additional adjective of being ‘smart’. Obviously, there is an app name smart home that enables you to unlock the door, switch on lights & perform other such easy tasks by your iPhone.


Wake up your phone just when required:

Let your phone rest till it is ideally located beside you. Apple has grown up with this feature that lets you see notifications as soon as you take your iPhone in hands. Important notifications can be observed at this time.


Optimized search for photos:

Search for your wanted picture in a gallery by utilizing information of place or even any additional person or pet that is a part of that particular snap. For instance, get your Mauritius beach image by simply typing ‘beach’ in the searching bar.


These features are attractive enough for anybody to start using iOS 10 in their iPhones & iPads. Get ready to experience a new world with iOS 10 coming to you soon and hire iPhone app developer from the top app development company for IOS app development.


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