IoT App Development : Is Standardization Long Road ahead?

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Is Internet of Things one of the most puzzling tech trend? On one hand, we are disclosed that it's gonna be the epic and soon all the assumptions are converted into billions of connected devices that reap trillions of economic dollars and on the other hand, an end user feelings for IoT is like “run-of-the-mill” - bringing down the epic to modest. Right now IoT feels like a landslide of latest and newly connected products where most of them are likely to solve “piddling” problems like products that are quite expensive to afford falls into “good to buy” category instead of “ought to buy” category. And for all the discussions regarding such big mega trend of IoT, things seems to shift at the speed of honey where every observable change are noticed as the year passes.

Part of the problem is quite significant: Although Gadgets are the part of the category, the IoT is a broad realm that cut down the spaces of enterprise, industries, and consumers on a larger scale. Despite being an emerging trend that connects the entire world still, it is encountered with challenges and hurdles. Let's pen down how IoT interacts with the world in various scenarios and how it will overcome challenges to make a long road ahead, possibly over epochs.

What's taking so long?

IoT is one of the most trending technologies being discussed amongst the mouth of techies these days. Indian app developers are quite curious to explore such hot-trending technology. But, as we know the road to excellence is followed by the bumpers and hurdles. So, let's figure out how it is taking so long and what are the factor responsible that delay's up the implementation of such technology.

1) Immaturity of Ecosystem:

One of the fundamental prospect and vision of internet of things is that : IoT is not just for devices to be connected with INTERNET rather it's an approach that connects devices seamlessly amongst each other. But for now, interoperability is the loophole that does not exist. There is huge no of technical problems listed out and the reason behind is lack of standardization and unwillingness of people to adapt the things. Example: It is quite hard to connect to IoT in industrial zone due to lack of WIFI or signals that are far away from an urban city. Proper standards and protocols should be amended and followed by the people and some laws should be strictly enforced governing IoT in the proper direction.

2) Connectivity:

IoT devices are not easy to connect; in fact, they use unlimited protocols as well configuration options. They are always restricted by the challenge to use standard processor sizes along with lower memory consumption devices. One of the major hurdle being faced is data transfer in IoT is carried out via the internet. So, it is quite necessary to get your device operate on new IoT application.

3) Synchronization:

In order to provide seamless connectivity, these applications should be sync with each other. But the major problem is that synchronous app development is quite a tough job and developers are quite helpless when they need to code concurrently which is a time-consuming task even for developing a simple IoT application.

4) Consumer IoT Adoption:

Due to multifarious challenges like that of improper standardization, security loopholes, Ownership issues for ROI, consumers find it hard to adopt IoT at the faster scale. Apart from these issues, INTERNET connectivity is one of the major hurdle imposed in front of IoT technology. Security is the another major concern to be considered that lags consumer to adopt IoT.

5) Data Mining and Analytics:

The collection and storage of data need to be advanced with fully integrated tracking devices or peripherals. Also, maintenance of your brand Social influence is the amazing data source for future investment and data collection. From this, it can be forecasted that IoT hardware technology would be coupled inside packaging and products. What it requires is the integration of deep link that enhances data mining and analytics to get much out of a collection of data.

Is it the proper stretch for standardization?

The world of machine to machine communication is quite complex as more no of devices are heading towards single purpose device that passes data to the apps connected to the network and simultaneously receive the commands from network applications to the IoT.


You might have the question what exactly is M2M communication? Well, to answer your question M2M communication is a term which is independent of human interaction that remains in communication with a core network for the purpose to automate the services. Here, the device is corded with the security while the alarms and other system interact with the core network that makes user access to a real-time notification. As M2M architecture is a challenge for collaborative applications a stretch of standardization is highly needed.

Standardization: Addressing M2M challenges through service Adaption

1) Simple Application Development:

App and devices should consist of simple and standard API to develop various solutions.

2) Standardized Capabilities:

Security concerns, device onboarding and management, content and identity management.

3) Integrated Capabilities:

Solutions need to be reliable, scalable and should be shared amongst multiple customers.

4) Advancement of Network:

Influence the communication network capabilities that advance the huge range of communication.

What's the road Ahead?

The Internet of Things is on it's way. Obstacles will grow, but as our vista shows, there is a huge amount of activity happening across the globe from both startups as well as big huge companies that make this conclusion all unavoidable. Though Progress may be visible to you at a lower speed, but the fact is that it is happening quite quickly when one stops to think about the dimension of the change which a connected world thinks and requires for. Before 10 years ago IoT sounded like rocket-science which is now getting in the zones of reality as we are getting surrounded by connected objects, autonomous cars, and drones. One of the biggest question one can ask for is are we ready as a part of society to accept the level of such change in our lives? 


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