iPhone SE launched : Everything you should know the differences between iPhone 6s and the latest one iPhone SE

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The modern tiny iPhone has been labeled as "iPhone SE", and in this article, we will discuss how it compares up to the now popular 4.7-inch iPhone 6s and go over the specific differences so you have a better idea of what model is going to be right for you.




Both models of iPhone will appear in all of the popular colors: Space Gray, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.


With that in mind, there is a very small difference to go over here. The iPhone SE, on the opposite hand, yet carries the little glass additions for the top and bottom back of the device, while the iPhone 6s is so much a full aluminum unibody.





Weight and dimensions:



iPhone is significantly higher than the other – the iPhone SE is designed to be a small economy phone that is smaller and simple to take around though the iPhone 6s is expected to be a good upgrade and the larger display performs media disease much more appealing.








In terms of capacity, the iPhone 6s is going to allow more options.


By the iPhone 6s, users can opt for each a 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage spaces, which is going to be helpful for managing all that-Ultra HD 4K video footage at your device.


The iPhone SE, on the opposite hand, appears in limit the storage capacities of 16GB and 64GB just, so you do not get that larger 128GB choice.






Both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE home a great 64-bit A9 chip including an M9 motion co-processor, but there are not sufficient details still to know if the iPhone SE has a restricted down chip connected to the iPhone 6s to save power and have the little battery alive.



iSight camera:


iPhone 6s and iPhone SE have really the equal camera technology of the back side. It is a 12-megapixel sensor with 1.22µ pixels, however, Apple calls the iPhone 6s to have a newer sensor technology.


Both cameras sport these functionalities:





Power and battery:



The iPhone SE might be a few excellent on battery life than the iPhone 6s under certain situations.


The iPhone 6s is considered for fourteen hours of talk time on 3G, simply like the iPhone SE is, but in phase of internet usage, this is where things get a few different:





Both devices also support recharging their lithium-ion series at the way of the added Lightning to USB cable by the AC adapter and the computer, but it is worth seeing that the iPhone 6s is operating to have a large capacity battery and may need longer to charge than that the iPhone SE.






The iPhone 6s  has all of the sensors that the iPhone SE has, but the iPhone SE needs the barometer that the iPhone 6s has.


The barometer is an air force sensor that can provide your device to catch vertical movement out the use of a GPS, and then the iPhone 6s may be a few more useful in location tracking because of this.


Touch ID:



The iPhone 6s plus and iPhone SE have a Touch ID sensor that can be utilized to unlock the device, make purchases from Apple’s digital content stores, and use Apple Pay.


Notably, as Apple points out, the iPhone 6s has an improved second-generation Touch ID sensor, though the iPhone SE has the slower first-generation Touch ID sensor.


Video record:



Video record performance within the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE should be right about the same being that both help Ultra-HD 4K video recording to 30 FPS, 1080p HD video recording at 30 or "60 FPS", or 720p HD video recording at "30 FPS".



System requirements:



Both devices require an Apple ID for any system features, as well as internet access.

Both devices also need iTunes on a Mac going "OS X 10.8.5" or next or a PC with Windows 7 or next.


The unique exception here is the iPhone 6s runs with iTunes 12.3, and the iPhone SE needs iTunes 12.3.3, which was published the day of its release.




These are the chief contrast between the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. The cost point is continuing to be the main selling part, as well as the capacity of the device itself. Few people actually liked the small display, though others really favor the large ones that are growing much more mainstream in the iPhone app development companies today.


The Cost difference is that The iPhone 6s starts to $649 during the iPhone SE starts to $399.


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