Know, How your iPhone's location services works! Part-I

Know, How your iPhone's location services works! Part-I

Today, In iPhone app development India and other countries, location services are some of the most overused features.

Out of the box, iOS devices with location services allowed are arranged to track your location for different reasons, including making the best user experience possible.


Here, we will show you all about how to construct your location services so that you are not being tracked when you do not wish to be, giving you the privacy you deserve.



What is location service?




Location service is the part of your iOS device that manages the track of your location around the day, if in the background or in the center, in order to give you various kinds of features.

See Examples include weather information, GPS & Maps, sharing how long away from a Frequent Location you are, making geofences that provide you reminders as you leave from or enter at a location, and more.


Most of your device’s location services are very simply configured from the Settings app.


Apple devotes a full options window for them under Settings then Privacy and after Location Services where you can allow and disable all of the items that are enabled to use your location, along with services from installed applications, and even system services that are an essential part of the OS.


Setting up location services in iOS


In the Settings app, below Privacy > Location Services, you can furnish all location services on or off on requirement with the main switch, but even if you plan to use some location services, and some not, iOS adds a best in-depth way of constructing them all, gradually.



Location for specific apps:



iOS allows users to construct location services for the single applications.

There are common three options that a user can select from that enable an application to access your locations:




This feature makes it so the application in question will always have a connection to your location whenever it wants to if the application is open in the back or not.




This feature arranges it so the application in question can at no time access your location for whatever reason at all.


While Using:


This feature arranges it so the application in question can only constantly access your location when it is open and in the center.


For this section, we suggest using awareness.Only the apps that really need your location should ever be allowed access.


Third party apps are the most probably to misuse your location, so if you see an app in this list using your location that really does not need it, you should deactivate location services for that application.


One more thing to note are the various types of location service icons you will see aside your applications:


Types of location service icon



Hollow purple icon:


This icon processes that the app in question is using a geofence, it is waiting for you to leave or come at a location so it can aware you of something.


Solid purple icon:


This icon means that the app in question has used your location newly, It has been heavily using your locations.


Solid gray icon:


This icon processes that the app in question has used your location insides the last 24 hours, It may be not heavily using your locations, but it has used it ahead.


No icon at all:


The absence of an icon at all means that the app in question has not used your location at all newly.


Location services can be fabulously power-eager, and that is why I individually select to disappear as many location services as conceivable so that my device can remain as power efficient as probable.


Everyone requires are various than others, and for that reason, we can not perfectly tell you what you should turn on or off. But with this information, now you can know a little bit.

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Note: In this blog we have included what is location services, location about specific apps, and its icons, But still there are many information which you should know about Location services which we will share in our next part till than stay tuned with more tech updates and app development.


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