Know Some Significant Hacks to Boost Your Productivity with "Google Apps"

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Most of us utilize a lot of time applying Google Apps. They are convenient & free, and many scrappy teams are taking advantage of these tools. We like Google Apps because they help us help & work efficiently. If you are a scrappy team watching to get more out of your Google Apps, Here some good news for you.

A society of internet productivity hackers has written & open sourced a ton of Google App Scripts that can keep us expensive time & dollars that would otherwise be wasted or used for paid alternatives.


First You should know what are Google App Scripts?

Google App Scripts allow advanced functionality in modern Google Apps like Gmail, Docs, and Forms. They are usually written by extension hacking developers to support save you money or grow your productivity.

So, Have you ever applied any of the features offered in Gmail’s Labs? The central variations are that Google App Scripts are performed with code rather of clicks, and they usually run within multiple Google Apps rather than exist wholly in Gmail.

Among some lines of Javascript coded right in Google Docs, you can allow an infinite number of workflows between apps and/or the larger web. A number of Google App Scripts match what you can do with third party tools. The benefit to the scripts is that they are written right in your Google Apps & are therefore more reliable. And, Obviously, they are free!

Google Apps give most of the principle for free & provide complete solutions like online team management, document sharing & editing and email management. App development Company & individuals use Google Apps to streamline their online services and make them more effective. Offerings like Google Drive, Calendars, Google Sheets, and Gmail get it a lot simpler to manage your online enterprises.


So, Here are some important hacks to make Google Apps more productive only for you:

1) Bulk Personal Emails:

Everybody knows that private emails have a greater open rate than marketing emails. If you are ok with the flood of responses, try sending your next client feedback survey with this script to provide it an individual touch. You can combine Google apps with the third party apps and manage your Gmail properly.

With so many tools, you can transfer personalized emails in bulk & the receivers will get a thought about the bulk type of delivery.

2) Promote your message with Twitter DM combinations:

Think that! You can send a direct message to Twitter & increase your services and offering. You can do this by scripts or use third-party apps to utilize this hack!

3) Remove sharing permissions automatically after end of contract:

Sharing over Google Drive and sheets helps in a large way when it occurs to collaborating with clients & colleagues. But, it is annoying to eliminate sharing privileges manually after the deal ends. Applying Google Scripts or third-party apps, you can add automatic repeal of permissions when every contract ends.

4) Know who opens and reads your emails:

It is one feature that is very useful in increasing sales & exceed email channels. Complete email tracking is a concern necessary these days. You can know when your emails are read. This can help in your outbound operations and as your regular communications.

5) Get Relax Now Schedule your emails in advance:

You do not have every day to build and send emails right. Well, you can use email management additions like Streak & Sidekick and schedule all your emails to be sent later. It provides for much better work management and enables your time to concentrate on critical business operations.

6) Get informed when people fill out your forms:

Google Forms provide you a quick & simple way to create a survey. Conducting surveys & recording public view has become very comfortable with Google Forms. To follow this data much better, you can install apps like SurveyMonkey that gives you notifications every time user fulfills your form. No requirement to have checking results now & then!

7) Backup your online data totally free:

With Google apps, automated backups are build to defend your data, contacts, and different essential information. You can complete the same by applying backup scripts open on Google apps.

8) Going somewhere! Find out local contacts easily:

If you are traveling for business or anything, this tool can assist you to decide who else you might like to meet while you are there by Gmail or Google+.

9) Keep your reading list ready beforehand:

Applying Each note, you can keep all the content you want in a Gmail label & use it later for reading. Pocket & similar other third party applications also give this feature.

10) Get informed when your website goes down:

Your website & apps should never fail to maintain a good business. Though, that is not always possible. Using third party apps enables you to get informed instantly when such an event happens.

11) Find out people and set that have not replied to you:

Not catching back on important emails? Some apps are used to go by your inbox & filters out non-replied emails after some days of delivery so that you never have to find a needle in a haystack, in fact, you want to follow up!

12) Build destination email lists automatically:

Email management plugins like Sidekick & Collabspot build a growing list of emails that have associated with you. It appears helpful when you want action on new publications & newsletters!

13) Build and Send automatic reports from Google Sheets:

How many time will you save here? Apps like enable you to register your spreadsheets to be sent as PDFs on a recurring basis to specified addresses. You can record these PDFs to go out at specific times. presently, you will never miss your reports in a company meet!

14) Develop Twitter Interactions:

Retweet posts on Twitter or liked them automatically through location, through a hashtag, or through URLs. Numerous people will view your interactions and see your profile/website. If you are seeming to automate a swath of interactions on the social web, give this a whirl.

There are lots of advanced functionality that can be attached to Google Applications utilizing in-house Google scripts and third party combinations & plug-ins.

Though scripts need a perfect part of technical know-how, you can regularly invest a little in some free & paid increases that enable you to obtain the maximum possible from Google apps. Hyperlink Infosystem has the best Indian app developers which are capable for build any type of app. Connect with us for the more information regarding the same.


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