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You have an app idea, that's great. How would you develop a mobile app? Well, either you will hire the best android app development company or you would go on freelancer portals to hire any freelancer. Undoubtedly, you will develop an app, will deploy it on the app store but unfortunately, it fails. Such scenarios are very common and happens because they don't consider testing as an important aspect. Along with building a mobile app, it is quite necessary to test your application by considering various parameters. Once you are thrown out of the app store with negative reviews and feedback, chances are rare that you will get second chance to enhance your visibility amongst users. So, here are some of the most common vulnerabilities that you should avoid to ensure successful app amongst the audience in the app store.

1. Validating Input Field:

In any android application that accepts inputs from fields, client side injection threats are one of the most important factors to be considered. So, while beginning with android app development, proper security checklist should be enforced that validates all the input fields. Technologies like, DEP and ASLR should be implemented that reduces the risk to a greater extent.

2. Data Leakage:
It is one of the most significant issues when developers fail to comprehend that the application information can be stored and accessed by some other device. To avoid such threat, implementation of “threat modeling” during testing ensure that no sensitive data is stored on a smartphone device. So, always check what data is stored in the device before publishing it.

3. Avoid Exporting Components:
In order to shrink unreliability, try to avoid exporting of components regardless of its need. Make use of intent filters whenever needed. Though you make use of intents, you can not totally rely on this for exported components as custom intents have a tendency to bypass intent filters that make use of full component names. So, the best practice would be avoid exporting components as far as possible.

4.  Weak Server:
Today, it is quite easy to hack the data from app servers. How can responses that are coming from servers is disabled? The reason is simple. The majority of the applications are based on APIs like REST, SOAP, and JSON. For this, API requester will pay the bill. So, it is advisable to practice secure coding at server end during android app development.

5. UX Practices For Android App Development:
Below points needs to be evaluated for best results:
1. Make design simple yet interactive enough to boost user engagement.
2. Try to make interactions quick and eye pleasing between screens.
3. Practice guerilla UX test during app development process and make sure that you bring user-friendly experience on the table.

6. Use Encrypted Communication:
For SSL/TLS use, it is recommended to make use of encrypted communication with the back-end application server.As 1024-bit key length is now considered as the weakest encryption method, ensure that all certificates hold 2048-bit key length.

So, these were few best practices to be applied before you make your app live in the app store. However, there are several more checklist that needs attention to leverage stable android app in the market. There are very rare companies like Hyperlink Infosystem that can extend their hands to partner with them for best android app development. Contact us now and get a free quote.


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