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Node JS VS Go: Which One Is Best For The Backend Development?

Web Development

Jun 2022
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node js vs go: which one is best for the backend development
Every app developer out there knows that app development is not an easy task. It demands learning various languages, front end development, back end development, choosing technologies and millions of other things. And we have multiple options available to choose that one particular tech stack, and that goes for every other tech stack.
Sometimes choosing the best tech turns out to be a topic of discussion for various app developers out there. And there are so many discussions happening about various different tech stacks, such as MEAN vs MERN, React vs Angular, Django vs Node Js, and another topic that has been the hot topic of discussion for the people around the globe is Node JS vs Golang. As we have already discussed both above listed topics, we will discuss which one is better: NodeJS or Golang. Before jumping directly to the comparison, we should first discuss what actually is Node JS and Golang.

What Is Node.Js?

One of the most popular runtime environments that support web, desktop and even mobile application back-end development, Node Js is developed by Ryan Dahl. Node JS works as a solution to the problem of being able to make JS run outside the browser.
Ryan Dahl took the V8 engine of Chrome, the best at changing JS into machine code, and installed it inside a C++ program. This combination is known as Node JS uses the chrome engine yet a runtime environment for code compilation and execution of JS on the machine side, instead of the browser side, as Chrome does.
One of the amazing things about Node JS is its non-blocking asynchronous nature. It builds the perfect environment for real-time scaling, providing a single thread servicing for multiple requests.

What Is Go?

Do you know Google? Stupid question, right? Well, Google came to help the people who were finding it difficult to deal with multi-core machines, networking and web development and introduced a new language Go in the year 2007. Three amazing designers Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson introduced Go which can fulfill the requirement of C, java and python providing better functionalities of memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing and CSP-style concurrency.

What Type of the Development Services Node JS Supports?

  • Social Media Mobile App Development
  • Messing Mobile App Development
  • Chat Support Development
  • Multiplayer Mobile Game Development
  • Mobile App API Development
  • Streaming App Development
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Real-time Web Applications

Which Tools Are Built Using Go?

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Terraform
  • Hoverfly

What Are The Most Popular Examples of Node JS Development?

  • Netflix
  • Paypal
  • LinkedIn
  • Mozilla
  • Uber

What Are The Most Popular Examples of Go Development?

  • YouTube
  • Dropbox
  • Netflix
  • IBM


Node JS supports the same code base for the client-side and server-side development in a single language; Java Script. It generates fewer files demanding less code and reusing the same code base for server-side and client-side. Along with that, it speeds up the development process as app developers can use the same code for the front-end and back-end. Most of the full-stack java developers use Node JS as it demands fewer working hours. That is ideal for them to develop the most amazing web application in a short time.


As mentioned above, node JS uses the same code base for server-side and client-side, which reduces the development time and results in a lesser time to market. Along with that, it also makes it easier for the App developers to reduce the deployment time. Both of the situations make the development lightweight and reduce the time to market.


One of the things that attract app developers toward Go is its scalability and simplicity. Node JS development can easily handle the huge volume of concurrent connections through load balancing ability. It makes app development more scalable than ever. Along with that, it is easy to add new modules to the existing ones as the Node Js mobile app development is scaled either horizontally or vertically. When it comes to cloud-native software, the microservice architecture of Node JS makes it more scalable and sustainable for the app development process.


Node JS Development is one of the development technologies that demand less coding knowledge. That makes it one of the ideal technologies and provides support for top Nodejs frameworks for future app developers who want user-friendly mobile apps without much coding knowledge. Along with that, Node Js has one of the most active open source communities of developers that provides unconditional support to fellow Node JS developers and share their experience and expertise as and when needed. The javascript support makes it preferable, as even front-end developers can adopt the Node JS easily and work as a full-stack development flawlessly without learning a whole new language.

Syntax Simplicity

One of the best things about the Go is it offers the simplest syntax containing just 25 keywords that makes the code clearer and readable. The simpler syntax demands fewer variables defining how to define the code. This results in higher code understanding between web and app developers as they can better understand each other's code structure leaving the mess behind. Along with that, it makes it easier to compile the native code in machine code as it will use C to make the development process quick and efficient.


Go's general simplicity is likewise to its adaptability - one more of Google's essential prerequisites of the language. It is intended to address enormous difficulties and its concurrency model (goroutines), which supports as well as further develops concurrency, has been depicted as "to simultaneousness is what Docker is to virtualization".
Go's capacity to oversee up to 1000 concurrent requests each second gives it a significant advantage with regards to building programming for major areas of strength which is fundamentally important.


Go provides a wide range of tools including easy to write tools that optimize syntax, grammar checks and various others. That, thus, has prompted an incredible cluster of IDEs and tools being accessible through Go that makes it simpler to manage and maintain with Go programming.

Which One is Better: Node JS or Go?

Well, as we can see Node JS and Go development fulfill different purposes. So, deciding whether to choose Node JS or Go, strictly depends on your app development project requirements. The only solution for this question is, that you can reach out to the app development company with your project requirements and they can help you decide whether you should hire Node Js developers or Hire Go developers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to performance Go runs 30 times better than Python but various factors should be taken into consideration before deciding whether Python is better than Go.

Node JS takes a bit longer compilation time than Go as Go supports the pre-compilation to machine code which is not possible with Node JS.

Go development is not exactly replacing node JS but it is surely making its way towards app development offering various user-friendly features and functionalities.

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