Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Better Than TV Commercial Advertising

digital marketing
Some years ago, TV advertising was the best of advertising and an excellent way to reach the target audience. A lot of advertisers still have that belief, which makes them reluctant to spend their money on Digital Marketing. Nevertheless, Digital Marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM) and pay per click (PPC), has grown over the years due to the advancement in technology. These days, people can do all they want on their devices as long as they are connected to the internet. Due to the amount of time, people spend on the internet, Digital Marketing can help you reach a lot of people fast.
TV adverts still reach a large number of people, but Digital Marketing like SEO, SEM, and PPC get to a larger audience faster, cheaper and more efficiently. TV adverts have achieved a certain height in marketing, but Digital Marketing is gradually surpassing that height.
Digital Marketing Strategies
They include:
digital marketing strategies
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
This Digital Marketing strategy depends on non-paid search engine results to make your website attractive to the right visitors. It also increases the quantity of your website traffic and improves the site ranking. There are two types of SEO: on-site SEO and off site SEO.
SEO is simply structuring your website in such a way that search engines and users can understand it. Search engines not only bring traffic to your site but they bring the visitors that need what your site offers.
2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
Search engine marketing uses paid search ads to increase website traffic through the web search. The main goal of SEM is to make your site more visible either through search engine optimization (free traffic) or paid search advertising (paid traffic).
With SEO you will make your site rank higher to get free traffic, but with paid search advertising all you have to do is purchase an advert space in the search engine results. Either way, your site gets more visibility.
3. Pay Per Click (PPC):
Pay per click is a Digital Marketing strategy that gets you more traffic fast. It gives advertisers a chance to get an ad placement space in search engines sponsored links. Whenever people search for a keyword that is related to your keyword, your ad will appear at the top of the results page.
Whenever the ad is clicked, which brings a visitor to your site, you will pay the search engine a certain fee. This is the reason for the name, pay per click. PPC campaigns can be very challenging, and a lot goes into picking the right keyword and structuring that keyword into an organized campaign.
Why is Digital Marketing Better than TV Commercial Advertising?
1. Cost Effective:
cost effective marketing
To have a commercial advert run on television, you need to have a big budget that includes the cost shooting the ad, writing, and editing. After all that is done, you have to set aside another budget that includes paying different television channels to run your advert for a specific period.
First of all, this type of advert leaves out the small businesses who are just coming up and cannot afford a big budget for adverts. With just the budget that goes into shooting or editing a television commercial ad, a mobile application development company can afford any Digital Marketing campaign to get their business to their target audience. The good thing about Digital Marketing is that you pay less to reach a wide audience which is a much better deal than paying a huge sum of money to reach your audience.
2. Exposure:
When advertising your business or product, constant exposure is imperative. If you shoot a TV commercial advert, no matter how much you spend, the advert campaign cannot run for more than six months on a TV channel. Adverts on television typically run for a maximum of six months so that they can free up advert space to run other brands commercial adverts. Although TV adverts can reach a large number of people, the minute your advert campaign is no more being played, people may forget about it. When they remember and need more information about it, they cannot get it. This is unlike when you make use of Digital Marketing. It is self-sustaining. Even when your advert campaign is over, people can still go to your website for more information about the brand.
When deciding whether to use Digital Marketing or TV advertising, you should also think about the age bracket your business is targeting. If your target audience is millennials, then you should not bother using television adverts because most young people of today are not only interested in the internet but are addicted to it. So, it is better to go for Digital Marketing. This way you would capture their interest faster than when you’re using TV advertising because most of them do not even have televisions in their homes or even watch one anymore.
3. Feedback:
user feedback
When you make use of TV commercial advertising it is like flying blind, you are advertising your brand and blindly believing that everything about it is great and the people will love it. There is no opportunity to make little changes where there is a need because you have no idea if people want you to make changes to your goods and services or not.
With Digital Marketing, you can get instant feedback on your products and services. This way you can make changes that would satisfy your customers and make them happy.
Nothing sells a product faster than positive feedbacks. When people try out your goods and services and give you a positive feedback, others would want to try it out too. But with TV advertising, even if they patronize your brand and love it, they have no online platform to give positive feedback. And even if they get the word out to random people they meet, it is not the same as saying it to the target people in need of that particular product and service.
TV advertising is still widespread today irrespective of the dominance of Digital Marketing strategies. However, the power of the internet cannot be overemphasized. If your budget permits, you can do both of them at the same time. Otherwise, you can stick to Digital Marketing and gradually make your way to the top.

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