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android instant apps

Just imagine! Isn't it amazing to access mobile app features without even downloading the app? How exciting it would be to communicate with all the needed app features with just a click. No more heavy apps in our smartphones. Enough of empty space in our mobile phones that earlier filled with a bulk of apps that we download just to make use of a single feature. Technology eruption has made it easy for users to carry all the utility apps in their pocket and perform all the task seamlessly. Why should you install the entire app to make use of its best single feature?

Well, no need now. Google – The great search engine leader achieved this success. By rolling out its latest OS update, Nougat, it direct us to access mobile app features in a quicker manner without even installing an app in our device. This amazing feature cannot stop me to think about Google's deep implications termed as “android instant app”.

Their Idea is quite simple. They are like the small fragment of an app that allows a particular feature to download in our device without complete app installation. If you click on a link associated with an instant app, then you will redirect to the tiny version of that particular app instead of the website.   However, this feature is only available for developers to test their app for limited time duration. But, before going deep inside the instant application, let's understand what the stuff is all about.

What Instant Apps Have To Offer Us?
1. Eliminate Need For Installation:
With a single click, you can avail application features that eliminate your need to install the particular app on a smartphone device. It makes use of smartphone inbuilt features like GPS, Camera, Contacts that provides the same accessibility level like an app.

2. Drive More Users:

By eliminating the need of installing an app on smartphone devices, it will indirectly boost more customers into it. The one who opted out to avail application due to the space issue will now be able to access the application without any hassle. This will also increase user engagement rate on a heavy scale.

3. Every App Feature On The Go:

Here, every app feature is considered as a module that easily downloaded by a single tap. The intended feature can be loaded in a browser like a web page that offers an experience similar to an app.

4. Lesser Search Taps:
With instant apps, a user that steps to hunt out specific information will gradually reduce. Google search results will land you on desired result page that reduces your search taps to great extent.

5. Experience Similar To The App:
With every Google's Search query, users are directed to the application instead of a mobile website. As users are directed to the app page, they can enjoy immersive app experience without downloading it. It is also applicable for the links shared via various messaging apps. Clicking on those links will redirect users to those intended app pages easily and quickly.

6. The Operating System Is Not A Barrier:
As instant applications are compatible with older versions of operating system, it eliminates the need of update latest OS in your device. All you need is Google Play services on your smartphone device.

What's There For Developers?
Well, this concept will soon get public but currently, developers are not able to integrate such update in upcoming applications. Generally, whenever developer uploads any application in Google Play Store, it will consume around 40 megabytes of storage. If they want to launch instant apps, they need to divide app into smaller modules and have to upload each module in an independent manner. Let's watch how this instant app will benefit developers in future mobile app development.

Closing Thoughts:
Instant apps will bring more innovations and creativeness for both users and developers. Let's watch out how these instant applications will bring dramatic changes in future of mobile app development.


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