Seven Amazing Tips to Find The Right Mobile App Developer

Seven Amazing Tips to Find The Right Mobile App Developer

Coming up with the great and exceptional idea is pretty hard but, finding the right and appropriate app development team is indeed a journey with innumerable twists and turns. There are approximately 2 million app developers in India and across the globe where approximately 10,000 developers are daily applying for the development job to get employed. In the race of application development where the mobile industry is flooded with such huge number of developers, if you pick any of the developer without giving any efforts than you might be put into the jeopardy of choosing the incorrect developer. So, to save you from such hazards; here are some of the tips shared by app development company that will benefit you while hiring up the best app developers.

1) Creating Appropriate And Accurate Job Description:

Well, a developer is something that can code for various mobile apps right? Posting a job with the description stating “Hiring mobile app developers“ will get you a batch of developers. But, there is a good chance that none of them are needed as per your requirement. So, before commencing with the hiring process; several questions needs to be clarified in order to make the process streamlined. Below questions needs to be clarified:

1) How long do you need this developer like full time, hourly rate, contract based or part time?

2) Which programming languages the developer should be proficient with?

3) How much technical experience should a developer possess?

4) Any specified characteristics that developer should meet with?

2) Location Selection:

Mobile and IT industry is the huge sector where developed and urban cities are growing with IT companies and employment. As app developers are scattered globally, it is impossible for us to explore each and every country. So, the hirer needs to fix some location or touch points from where they can hire the developer. Some of the most hired app developers are from countries like US, UK, Australia and India. Amongst all these countries, India is the leading outsourcing country leveraging best quality applications at quite affordable rates. So, just examine the average market rates of the country and then select the best developer from the appropriate country that best-fits your budget.

3) Checkout App Developers Profile On Various Platforms:

There are many companies that rely on the digital platform to hire the best app developer. Some of the best employment platforms like Freelancer, ODesk, Elance etc. Before hiring any app developer from various platforms just make sure that you check their profiles, client reviews, portfolios, preferences, and companies so as to avoid any risks and hurdles in future.

4) Shortlist The Candidates:

After reviewing the prospective candidate's profiles and other information, make a list of the candidates based on their experience and skills as per your requirement and screen out the best ones to call up for an interview.

5) Interview Like Professional:

i) What were your roles & responsibilities?

If the person has mentioned in his/her resume that “developed shopping cart and PayPal for E-commerce site” then it means that he/she has developed the app from beginning to end. If you ask the prospective developer about his roles and responsibilities involved in the project then; it will define his technical expertise and his experience that decides the usability of the project developed.

ii) Ask Technical Questions

Nowadays, there are many developers that claim that they have various skill-sets which they actually don't have. There are many easy ways to steal out the code. So, be prepared with some tech-savvy questions in order to find the real developer.

6) Check References:

Check references, because any hiring process is incomplete without this important step. References may disclose more about your potentials rather than your interviews. Mobile application development is a costly and time-taking task. If you hire the inefficient developer, that task will evolve more difficulties in future projects. It’s imperative that you know which candidate you are hiring, so check those references to get the right ones.

7) Offer Reasonable Remuneration:

Compensation for an app developer may vary in many cases. Many developers work on contract base while many works on the hourly basis. Some hire app developers for part time while some for the full time. So, in such cases salary of the candidate varies on their skills, experience, and technical expertise. However, try to justice with the candidate expectations based on their resume and profile.

Want to hire the Best Mobile App Developer?

Hiring best and top-notch mobile app developer is quite a complex process to be conducted. However, if you have any great app idea and are in search of the touch-point then, we are here to help you. Hire the best app developer from us and make your dream app come true. Contact us now.


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