Some Important Traits To Make Successful On-demand Taxi Application

on-demand taxi app development

Car rental services have faced perpendicular growth since the last couple of years. Earlier, booking a taxi to travel somewhere was a tedious process. Unavailability of the taxi, higher rates, drivers mood were some of the reason that declined the idea of hiring a taxi. The scenario of taxi booking service was gloomy before the introduction of the mobile application in this realm. However, with the commencement of UBER, many new startups have cropped up with their own cab ventures by implementing clone script of UBER. The success of any startup needs through market insights and deep analysis of existing app to triumph their venture. Simply budding up with new cab booking idea will not drive you on success roads. You need to comprehend the current system to integrate needed features for making your cab venture a success.

As we know, India is considered as major HubSpot to develop outsourcing projects. Majority startups and entrepreneurs have a mindset to pick any app developers from India to develop their project. Well, if you think so remember that finding app development company is an easy task but finding appropriate one's is indeed hard. So, here are some features suggested by the mobile app development company to make your cab booking venture a success.

1. User-Friendly UI:
One of the most important feature to onboard a user in your app. The application flow should be clear and smooth. Right from the button, elements till content, everything should be practical and simple so that people that are unable to read can easily use your app. The app should be such that it pleases users eyes with eye-pleasing UI and amazing UX.

2. Uncomplicated Signup Process:
Before using your application, the user needs to sign-up to register their account in your app. The entire sign-up process should be kept simple with minimalistic features and should request only needed information like:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Contact No
  • Address

3. Save Your Location:
This feature helps the user to select and save their favorite location that can be accessed easily. It is beneficial especially in the scenario where users need to seek ride on a particular route for daily basis.

4. Booking Confirmation:
Once a cab is booked by the user then show them confirmation screen that displays rate card, deals and discounts and the estimated ride fair. The screen should also facilitate users to avail their discount coupons and offers through promo or coupon codes.

5. Provide Maximum Details:

To maintain your application credibility, try to provide maximum details of your driver and car. It will boost users confidence in your app. These details can include driver name, car number, car model, drivers contact information, vehicle registration number etc.

6. Map and GPS Integration:
Map and GPS facilities both drivers and users to find each other. Once your cab has arrived and you have entered your destination address, GPS navigation will drive you towards your destination address. This integration does not require drivers enhanced knowledge regarding various routes. This is also beneficial for customers as they are not disguised by drivers for riding on long routes.

7. Payment Integration:
It is one of the most significant parts of cab booking system. Payment system integrated should be secured and confidential. Proper authorization should be done before proceeding payment. Options like debit/credit card, wallet payment can be made available.

8.Notifications and Fair Calculation:
Notifications should be sent to the user regarding deals and discounts, booking confirmation, transaction history and service, company's new launch, special offers etc. It will help to retain more user engagement for your app.

Also whenever a user completes its ride, fair calculation model needs to be implemented that automatically defines its ride price. The fair is calculated based on km/s traveled, waiting for charges ad cab type.

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