Step-up Mobile Landing Pages : Understand & Follow Some Important Checklist

Step-up Mobile Landing Pages : Understand & Follow Some Important Checklist

Being a digital marketer of the top app development companies you have the opportunity to plan your guesses but it is only a possibility of what might be the outcome.

How many times have you find a situation where the visitor comes on your website, scrolls by, feels impressed and ultimately reaches the landing page and is about to take some action when they consider their decision & leave the site.


So Now, what next?

The strategy of your landing page’s layout is based on a set of forecasts that we think will give the required results no matter what.

Also, when people access your site pages through mobile, their concentration spread is less than that of a desktop user which accounts it to minor than 3 seconds.


Don’t worry! You should consider following points to build a landing page that is mobile-friendly too.

Compare the content properly:


Once you have an idea of the device that your people are using, then it is simple to scale the content respectively. What you can do is add the page to load and make the content compared to sync well with both the portrait & landscape mode.

Come to the point:

A headline that is accurate and to the point matters than filling in too much of words. We all write stories when it becomes to the content part of our website, we do not care to hold back our pens even if we are writing a landing page.

Once you complete writing the landing page, cut it into two. And, remember this page is moving read through mobile. So, there is no space for any of those extra words that you normally add up to improve the value of your content.

Every word mean a lot to the reader and it must be strong enough to help them to take an action.



Remember your landing page has been designed for accessibility through the mobile phones. So, when you have hit in a lot of things how do you expect it to load within the desired time?

You can use HTML5, jQuery or JPGs so that mobile devices can give your content with security.

Loading Speed:


Several times we all have produced situations where our pages are grilled up and fail to load on time. Obviously,visitors do not have time to wait till the page loads.

Immediate tips:

Manage your page:




Under 20 kilobytes


It will help your page to load within 5 seconds or short.

Stay connected to your customers:


When somebody is accessing your page through Smartphones or any devices, it is probable that they are moving. And, obviously, the technology has advanced so far that we can immediately find where are they.

You can add your location like the city or area where your physical store remains. These are some of the elements you could add so that your people will be directed to the Buy Now button.


Show them what action you want them to take:


No one requires to done a lot of difficult work. They simply want to get things done with expertise. So, if they can get anything done with any actions, they will be well.

You can increase this part by including only 3 or 4 steps which are simple to follow, and you will experience a significant growth in the conversion.

Rule of thumb:


Remember the design is for the landing page that is running to be accessed through mobile devices.

Follow your clickable area somewhere between 38 * 38 pixels to 44 * 44 pixels. Also, do not forget to add padding to the links & fill up all the negative space between the clickable links.

Size Of your content:


You have to set up content that matters & each word should be important to the reader. The size of your content matters.

If the font size is little, it is like no content at all. Also, they do not want to zoom the content & waste their time.

A/B Test:


If you have produced your mobile landing page, then, you need to A/B Test it for mobile. Some people sit back & relax thinking that their work is famished as they have already tested their page for desktops, and it works fine.

Whatever you do, assure that your landing page will help your people to perform the desired action. Our goal is to make sales & with mobile landing pages that are quick things will happen as per our expectation.


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