The Emergence Of Mobile Apps Is More Than A Blessing To Businesses

mobile apps for business
The impact of mobile apps on businesses is becoming wider and wider. Sometimes one may wonder how people were able to live or do business without mobile apps years ago. Right now, any retailer who is yet to have his mobile app is already losing a lot of customers. 
This is why the app development industry has been growing rapidly and even app developers India seem to be about the highest paid professionals. Some of the benefits of mobile apps have been outlined right below. This is why a lot of people are becoming addicted and obsessed to/with their mobile phones. Your mobile phone is probably your best friend.
Convenience and higher bottom line
Several years ago the only banking transaction you could do without going to the bank was cash withdrawal and checking of account balance through an ATM. Now, with the emergence of mobile apps, you can do more than withdrawal of cash. You can transfer funds to another account, you can pay your utility bills, you can confirm deposit and confirm your balance without going to the banking all. The customers enjoy convenience in. They transact business through the app anytime of the day and from anywhere as long as there is internet connection on their phone. 
However, the banks seem to be the bigger beneficiary. First of all, the apps help decongest their hall since customers won’t need to visit the hall for any of those services. That is less work for them and that means they will need less hands. Hiring less hands means less cost. Secondly, some of those services are not free. So they charge customers for some of those services. That is more money for the banks.
A lot of home appliance manufacturers now compete with one another by making appliances that have its mobile app. Television sets, lawn mowers, microwave ovens, air conditioning units and refrigerators now come with their mobile apps. Once the mobile app is installed on your phone, you can control the device from anywhere you are. That is nothing but convenience. 
It helps you expand your customer base
With the help of a very good app store, you can have people outside your countries ordering your products. You will no longer make sales from only local customers. A lot of people spend more time on the go so they prefer mobile solutions than going through digital avenues. All you have to do is to promote your mobile app and your sales will shoot up.
It bridges communication
It is easy to communicate through your app with the users. Once you send a message, all the users of your mobile app will receive the message almost immediately. This is why it is better to send surveys through mobile apps and you will begin to get responses in less than ten minutes. 
Mobile apps also make it easy for any of your customers to be able to send a feedback to you on any of your products or services. Remember, feedbacks are very important.
It boosts brand awareness
Do you have any idea why people advertise on physical and digital billboards? It is because of passers-by. This is why billboards are only erected in strategic locations with high volume of foot traffic. It is meant for more people to see it. Mobile apps also do the same on mobile phones. Once your mobile app is downloaded, its icon appears on users’ phones. Each user gets to see the icon each time he navigates through his phone. That is a big form of advertisement as each user navigates through his phone more than twenty times in a day.
Your mobile app can also boost your brand awareness through another way if you integrate popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp into it. Whatever you post to the users of your app can easily be shared on any of the social media by just clicking the share button. The more your posts are shared the more your popularity will soar and popularity comes with more credibility. However, you need to apply a little trick to make the recipients share your posts. You need to include a little bit of humor in any post you send. The humor in your post will make the recipients share it. What do you do each time you receive or see a humorous post? You laugh and share it immediately. Funny posts go viral more than other kinds of posts.
It supplies important statistics
Mobile apps have a feature called analytics. This feature helps to give important statistics about your app and your products. It gives the information on the number of downloads of your app, number of visits and number of orders of each product. These statistics are given on a daily basis. They are very important. For instance, if the daily number of orders of a particular product begins to drop, you need to quickly find out the cause and proffer necessary solutions to the problem. A problem identified is a problem half solved. 
It boosts sales
No physical store remains open for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. But your mobile app is never closed except if there is a technical issue with it. So, mobile apps allow companies to make as much sales as possible. Customers also enjoy the convenience. Nobody likes to visit any website to order a product when he can just order it from his mobile app. The emergence of new innovative payment technology like Apple Pay and Google Pay makes it even more convenient. 
However, all these can only happen if people are willing to download your app. It will be a problem if they are not willing to download your app. Here are a few tips to ensure people download it. First of all, you need to make your app is as light as possible so that it does not consume a lot of space. If your app is too heavy, your prospective customers may go for a lighter alternative. Heavy apps consume a lot of space and also consume a lot of mobile data during download. The smaller you make your app the better.
Never make the killer mistake of asking people to pay to download your app. It is indeed a killer mistake. People are actually doing you a big favor to download your app so that they can be patronizing you. Rather, you should give a certain discount for first order. Remember that you have so many competitors.
Humans are impatient in nature so your app should always load as fast as possible. Any app that takes more than 20 seconds to load is a failed app. People won’t use it. Your app should also support both platforms (Android and iOS). Finally, it should be easy to use. Make it as simple as possible so that users will be able to navigate easily through it.

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