The Global State Of Information Security : Watch out the glimpse foreseen Cyber Security and its threats, solutions & lookup modeling the future

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 With the onset of 2016, it’s time to have a glance to the future of cyber security in the new year. We have assembled together the puzzle pieces and designed out what we believe the cyber thread shuttle will look like in 2017. Be Prepared for more successful demanding schemes and new generation device failures. Will our foresight's be right? Only time will decide!







Ransomware- Be Cautious!




Prepare to be down trodden. While 2015 has been labeled as-the year of the cleft, as cyber criminals raise the number of profitable cyber theft attacks, 2016 is molding up to become -the year of ransomer. Ransom ware has shown to be an extremely bread winning business, as the prohibited users are often despo enough to pay high ransom amounts in order to release up their devices and data.


Mobile ware – Are You Present?




Since the launch of Indian app Developers markets malicious mobile apps have been around ranging from popup to the spyware. The rise in hateful apps is the result of combo of easy DIY tutorial and inexpensive entry to market.Making an app consisting 1000 of you-tubes videos & online tutorial courses is like a game playing for a layman man these days. Launch of an app has also become more reasonable.One can easily become an “official “ ios developer by mearly submitting your app in Apple Pay Store by just paying a cheap price of $99 /year . Doesn't Sounds interesting? As per the analysis Increase in mobile ware is predicted by 20 millions by the end of year 2016 and commencement of year 2017.


IoT – Rise of the Clatters?




There’s no stopping down of progress, and while you don’t need to concern your WI-FI enabled fridge, anything that can be secured, watched or has access to your private details can lead to vulnerability. IoT hacks are the trending YouTube mania, with everything from tiny monitors, to kitchen kettles being lunatic by curios, violinist. Unfortunately, such skills are easily learnt and are often movable to more critical devices such as UAVs and cars.



Cloud Data – What Goes Up…




Whether you like it, or are still baffled by it, cloud is a great tool for increasing association and having reach to your data on the pro. The industry is presumed to grow by minimum 18.4% next year, and with some reputed cloud companies valuation more than $160 billion, it’s no miracle hackers wants a piece of cake. The dilemma with cloud is that the policies haven’t snagged with the growth. The fantastic amount of data floating around is often under covered by minimal or faulty SSL encryption; adding to the problem of international server locations and enactment and you should begin to ask the safety of your data.



Hacktivism – The Age of “Digilantes”




It seems like Robin Hood is hopeless for the bow and arrow and taken digital frame. From groups such as Anonymous to betrayers leaking private files, people do and will keep on to take “justice” into their own hands. The increasing level of attack on big corporations and governments, and absolute threats to human rights rapists will continue to grow in 2016.


what will be the reaction of the World ?


1) Gradual Increase in Security Spending 


Companies will start taking interest in Cyber Security and will increase the budget for the same by hiring Professionals and certified hackers working for individual brand or company . This will be the result as there will be constant pressure from the customer and 3rd party partners to lessen up the loopholes in security.


2) Education will be the King


As we Say Education starts from the doorsteps in the same manner proper education will be provided to IT people. Companies will improve the quality of training given to their employees in order to protect company from the crack of data and confidentiality.


3) More strictness in Law Formation

Government will start revealing data breaching report and IT security aspects in order to protect the companies information being disturbed.


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