The Importance For A Post-Launch Mobile App Strategy For Maximum Success

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The successful launch of a mobile app can be consequently referred to as “a hard-earned success.” But the real question here is that “what happens after that?” After the initial launch, how does the app try to overcome those challenges of maintaining success? In the real sense, launching an app is a difficult thing to do, however, sustaining it and improving it, so as to help it grow is a more challenging task. If you are looking to maintain your app’s success, then you need strategic planning which is essential for a post-launch mobile app. 
Many app developers often proffer little or no regard for what happens after an app launch; their main area of concentration is on typically based on launching. In order to ensure a continuous success rate for a post-launch mobile app, there is a need for a more sustainable strategy with a broader product vision. Mobile app developers looking to have a chance at success need to set a workable plan that includes a broader mobile strategy that calls for continuous delivery and improvement, a viable marketing plan aimed at acquiring traffic and driving engagement, and analytics to measure performance and iterate. 
Unfortunately, many app development teams do not have a plan put in place to support their project. Once a product finds its way into the market, there is regrettably nothing to drive its direction especially when a viable mobile app strategy is lacking. Obviously, there will be nothing to sustain and improve the product after launch. 
Effective Approaches to Post-Launch App Development and Marketing
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As mentioned earlier, the task of sustaining meaningful success after initial launch is not an easy thing to do. There are quite a handful of challenges to be encountered. However, it’s good to know that these obstacles can be effectively addressed through different post-launch approaches. Any mobile app development company can effectively tackle the challenges in the post-launch phase through these means;
1. Plan Continuous Delivery
The purpose of developing a mobile application should go far beyond its inception and delivery. As a matter of fact, this is the best way to most efficient way to consider the durability, maintenance, and sustainable needs of the app from a holistic point of view. After the initial launch, it is good to know that there is a distinct product vision and established a roadmap for additional features. As a responsive development approach, continuous delivery focuses on the improved future version of the app and its timely delivery set at addressing technical debt. This should be considered both from the technical and user experience standpoint. 
2. Access and Monitor
Developers are often enjoined to have a vision that transcends beyond an app launch. However, it is imperative to understand that this phase (i.e. the post-launch phase) also comes with relevant information that must be examined continually. Rather than being proactive, this approach tends to be reactionary because it basically entails a support or maintenance plan. 
Apart from triaging technical issues, this method also tries to report and resolve crashes, as well as fix bugs. Thanks to its assessing and monitoring features. Unfortunately, this approach does not work to improve and enhance user experience with the mobile app, as it fails to include a workable strategy such as product roadmap after the initial launch. Rather than getting involved with the app’s improvements and new features, this approach tends to be more concerned with maintenance. 
3. Publish and Pray
When a mobile app is firstly launched, this approach which commonly has little or no plans or vision than launching the app itself has long been the developers’ choice. This is often the case when the project team is more concerned about getting the app launched than planning on how to maintain its functionality and keep up with its untoward performance. Without adequate insight, most of these factors have been generically dealt with and virtually ignored. 
Despite being a very common approach, it has also proven to be a waste of both time and money, as there is no meaningful consideration on how functionalities and features can be included, how the product can be marketed, how performance can be tracked and so on. Due to an outright focus on shipping the product, every post-launch activity has to be laid off or entirely ignored.
The Perfect Strategy For a Post-Launch
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Ideally, there is a need for a continuous delivery approach if you must achieve meaningful success in any post –launch project. Apart from helping to provide you with a much clearer direction for your product, this approach generally allows for a more holistic strategy. Regrettably, the last two approaches mentioned are confusingly fragmented, as they can result in the launch of an unproductive app that may hardly proffer meaningful solution to customer needs or solve existing business problems. 
Additionally, these approaches also tend to lead to a misguided understanding of budget and in most cases, they can leave Indian app developers with the wrong interpretation of those things that can actually be accomplished. On the other hand, every developer looking to have a distinct strategy should adopt the continuous delivery model. Apart from helping to provide developers with a clear workable strategy, this approach also helps to eliminate every propensity to waste money as it tends to support them with the product direction. Interestingly, the product can also be aligned with business objectives through this means. 
How to Ensure a Continuous Delivery Post-Launch
The following tips will help any developer seeking to carry out a continuous delivery approach for a mobile app post-launch project.
- Set aside a specified timeframe (3-6 months) to achieve your forward post-launch vision.
- Your short- and long-term goals, as well as your app’s success metrics, KPIs, and every other objective as well should be clearly identified. 
- Remember to include those features that weren’t essential for the enhancements or improvements that align with your product vision in a product roadmap. These include API/service optimization, UX enhancements, version one etc. all need to be addressed. 
- If you must successfully reach your outlined goals and objectives, you must be willing to identify your budgetary needs for your promotional and marketing requirements, as well as technical delivery.
- Align your created framework used to measure and assess mobile app performance, such as analytics solutions with your business objectives. 
For most project teams, a mobile app launch is considered as the highest priority. However, every effort could amount to failure if little or no attention is provided for post-launch success and delivery. Rather than focus on launch alone, it is good for app development companies to have a workable mobile app strategy the encourages continuous delivery so as to be able to solve business objectives and maintain a clear direction with an improved product.

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