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If you are same like me, then you do not use each single setting that your iPhone becomes with, and it would make life simple in the business department if you could move around your Settings application's choice cells and store the ones you do not use.


If this functionality seems helpful to you, then PreferenceTag3, which is a jailbreak tweak you can take and it is working to be your current best supporter because it will let you manage your Settings app exactly how you want it.


In this article, we will show you what PreferenceTag3 is and how it works.



Managing the Settings app for your own requirements





As I say, The Settings app is something we are all close with it. It is the place we go to for setting up our devices with our chosen forms, but with all of these settings, there can be a big chance of clutter with some options we will never get the advantage of.


Protecting cells is not the only thing PreferenceTag3 lets you make, you will also be capable for relocates decision cells, which means you can organize them in any order you want.


In addition, you can create folders to create confusion, which is helpful for building the large collection of app choice cells at the base of your settings application in a single cell to clean up the Settings application a little. The another beneficial feature of PreferenceTag3 is that you can passcode protect personal decision cells.


When you do, tapping on the passcode protected cell will inspire you to enter your passcode. If you do not know it, you would not be capable does changes, and this is helpful for keeping people out of private settings you do not want modified if you have other people using your devices regularly.



With Using PreferenceTag3


To use PreferenceTag3, you can use a 3D Touch display or only tap and drag to the left from everywhere in the Settings app. To obtain settings for an own preferences cell, you will tap on the cell and pull to the left.





When you start the main interface by tapping everywhere there is clear space in the Settings app and swiping to the left, you will see the-PreferenceTag header at the head.


Here, you can enter your central sections and configure them.



These all parts add shortcuts to the following





To configure a particular choices cell under one of these sections, tap on a favorites cell and move it to the left.


This shows a narrower interface that requires the PreferenceTag header but displays all your options so you can use any of them to the section in issue.



Hiding preference cells


Hiding preference cells is a very easy. Simply tap on one, pull to the left, and from the options, you will select Remove from the menu.


This will hide it from the Settings application. You can see in this picture, we have hidden the Cellular settings from the Settings app because this iPhone does not even have the SIM card in it, and these choices are useless on this iPhone.


You can notice here in hidden app some other choices cells I do not use for more clarify the Settings app.






Passcode protecting choice cells



PreferenceTag3 also gives you with a plan to passcode protect each of your preference cells.


You will just configure a passcode you want from the main PreferenceTag3 interface, and then to use it to a preference cell, you will tap on a choice cell and move it to the left and tap on Passcode from the menu.





Assigning tags to preference cells


So to OS X, you can use tags to properly organize your selected cells with PreferenceTag3.


These tags are color based or level based and you can choose:




Managing preference cells into folders


If you want to organize all the unique preference cells in the Settings app, then this feature will attract to you.


You can simply move all this confusion into different folders you build so that the preference cells are correct and organized.




You can build and name your personal folders, or choose from any of the presets.


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