Upcoming iPad Air 3 might not be an iPad Air at all, It's possible: Know some of existing rumors and expectations of iPad 3

ipad air 3

Apple is preparing to launch a new 9.7 inch iPad. Rather than placing it as an iPad Air, Apple can brand it as an iPad Pro.

Rumored highlights include an updated processor, a four-speaker design, Smart Connector, Apple Pencil support, and also a rear-facing LED flash.


Current Version: iPad Air 2




Apple's first iPad Air was impressively small, including may be only 7.5 mm thick, comparable to the pencil that it was related to in an order of sample. On 16 October 2014, Apple launched the iPad Air 2, which is significantly thinner, at just 6.2 mm thick.


The iPad Air 2 has a unique anti-contemplative covering that Apple says is custom-designed to decrease light by up to 55 percent starting the display more interesting outdoor.

A8X Processor





The iPad Air 2 adds an A8X processor, a modernized version of the A8 processor get in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


As reported by Apple, the A8X processor produces 40 % quicker CPU performance than the A7 chip in the earlier iPad Air and 2.5 times the graphics performance.


Touch ID




The iPad Air 2 becomes provided with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, attaching an extra layer of security to the tablet and allowing it to make Apple Pay payments within applications.



What can you expect in iPad Air 3?


With the iPad Pro, the four speakers would be placed on the top and back sides of the device, with two speakers at the top and two speakers at the base.




Four speakers would appear in hi-fi sound for big, more immersive audio.

Four speakers will need a small redesign of the tablet's body, but it will likely carry on to feature mainly the equal form portion as the iPad Air 2 with an ultra slim design.


If the new device uses a rear-facing flash, it will be the top iPad that adds flash capabilities.


Apple's lineup of iPhones have long offered a rear flash to advance photography in low light situations, but Apple has never more implemented a comparable feature in the iPad because it is not located as a photography device.





If the new iPad is obtaining a rear camera flash, it could also allow other camera enhancements to go along with the design update.


Opportunities include the same updated 12-megapixel camera introduced in the iPhone 6s, an update over the 8-megapixel camera in the iPad Air 2.

Size wise, design sketching suggest the new iPad will have comparable dimensions to the iPad Air 2, maybe including in at 6.15mm dense and 169.6mm extend. Related to the iPad Air 2, the current device may be about 0.05mm thicker and 0.1mm wider, an invisible difference and one that can probably be attributed to rounding and estimation errors.

Apple Pencil compatibility





At the moment, the Pencil only operates with the iPad Pro, and that done sense for the launch - it was a different selling point for Apple's most valuable tablet.

But lots of iPad app developers have told us they would greatly love to be able for used the Pencil.


iPad Air 3 color choices




We would assume the iPad Air 3 to be possible in Apple's now-standard three iOS device shade options are that space grey, silver and gold.


Anything can occur in the next some weeks, and Apple could probably hold the next iPad for enhancement in iOS 10.This is a big highlight for any top app development companies. It can be Possible that we will post another article about iPad 3 and we will see if it is an iPad Pro mini or an iPad Air 3, connect with us for the tech knowledge.


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