What are the Features We are looking Forward in Apple Watch 2 to triumph more Fan-following than Forebears?

What are the Features We are looking Forward in Apple Watch 2 to triumph more Fan-following than Forebears?

The Origin of the Apple Watch which was way back in April 2015 that has ruled over about 60 % of the Smartwatch demanded markets . Though in one or other Form Wearable have been around us for years long. Launching of Smartwatch in 2012 is a healthy proof of Competitiveness  amongst app developers of Wearable Market .


Though Apple Watch was missing its presence during Apple's March event where focus was steal by iPad and I phone ,the sources voiced out that Apple Watch is landing it's presence amongst the Most competitive market of wearable in June as one of the Crucial part of Event of apple's WWDC in the Year 2016.


The New apple Watch insights with 20-40% thinner model with new circular shape and Improved version of Battery along with some new exciting features.


Let's hear it out what are the newbies apple watch is focusing on :


1) Improved Battery Life

This is the most irritating one can ever face for the Current apple Watch where smaller battery appetite consumes huge amount of time. Though battery life is not entirely within the Apple's Control but using various software and powerful hardware one can try to protract batteries life and hopefully with the new commencement of apple watch 2 will sustain it's battery life by 48 hours.

2) Advanced shapes

Apple Watch comes in 2 stagnant sizes and both contains rectangular faces. There are some of the Android wears that comes in round-shaped sizes which gives far better look than that of apple.Let's hope that Apple Watch 2 gives us the option to choose the best ever shaped -watches with the new version of apple Watch .


3) Increased Storage

First apple Watch release was uncovered with 8GB in-built storage that ran on lightweight applications as compared with I phone devices but the embankment of Apple Watch 2 that is introduced with with expanded Storage it is predicted that it will facilitate the Watch with 16 GB storage capacity as of I phone . Let's see what it delivers to its customers.

4) Upgraded Siri

As siri has been boosted in Watch OS 2 still it streams from I phone that makes it slow . Let's see whether on -board siri is been entertained with this Apple Watch 2 for better UX ration or not.

5) in-built Cellular and GPS

If you want a autonomic Apple-watch device then it requires its native activated cell connection along with in-built GPS. And Indeed it contains GPS chip that consumes high battery life then, the first component you are taking about doesn't seems sensible.


6) More Sensors

Though Apple Watch is powered with Heart Sensors but if it wants to be an Health freak it needs more attachment of sensors . Blood-sugar , Motion , Barometers for keeping track of Run & climbing steps are the most expected sensors for the forthcoming Apple Watch 2.


Some of the more advantages apple Watch could think-off with apple Watch 2 is support of android Device along with Face time-camera. Let's See what happens next with iPhone application Development. If you want to make such apple Watch apps then Hire I phone app developer From Hyperlink Infosystem ...! contact us now !


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