With the latest app Zcast, Let's start a live broadcast from your personal phone for everyone to listen

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Now a days iPhone App Development India and other countries are rapidly releasing their new apps in order to make life easy of peoples.


I thought the judgement was the easiest possible process to make a broadcast, but it revolve out I was completely wrong. ZCast is an app released for iOS as well as the Web that creates live, interactive broadcasting.


You can start a live audio recording from your smartphone or as well as computer, Podcast a link to the session via Twitter. And then you can also invite your friends or anyone to join. Listeners can leave comments in actual time and podcasters can reply either through chat or live on the air.

It is a best new application which allows anyone to release a high-quality, multiple members broadcast on their own iPhone without any basic technical knowledge.


ZCast is not only one to many broadcasting, But it is many to many




This app is super glossy, with awesome design and an easy interface.

With this app development by App Development Companies, All you need to do is tap a some buttons and you are launching your view to the world, in your actual time.

In taking the pain out of broadcasting, Zcast could convince people who do not normally run a broadcast show of their own to start one in a some minutes.

There is special setup required Because that is so easy to use and friendly this app is.


How Zcast works:



With ZCast, users sign in with their own Twitter account, and can select to start casting at anytime anywhere.

You won’t require to spends in a high-quality microphone, Hosting services, costly audio equipment, exceptional setups to start casting with Zcast.

Already your iPhone has everything you require to produce broadcast from the relaxation star of your own home or anywhere.


To get a start, simply select a topic and then you can start the podcast to the world in actual-time, or schedule the broadcast for a next date. The app will chirp your followers so that they can tune in as auditors. They can comment and give feedback in actual-time.


The other good features are on that way is the capability to add any listeners as a guest to a broadcast.



And if you want to like group-chatting, ZCast makes it very easy to insist friends or anyone from your Twitter network to launch with you.


It is not possible that everyone is a great broadcaster so if you’d preferably just listen in, ZCast lets you do only just that.

As a listener, yes you can chat with the speakers and also other listeners, freely like and share your special broadcasts with friends or anyone.

The app develops some things very easier for logged-in users.


While hearing, users can invite their friends or others to hear as well as can post likes or comment.


ZCast is audio-only and concentrated on the live feature of broadcasting and many to many podcasting, as against to one to many contents on services like to Twitter.


ZCast on the web:



ZCast is presently iOS only as an app, But Android and desktop users can use the service via their Web browser.

In inclusion to hearing for audio broadcast created by other people, Both the mobile app and ZCast’s web you can like your favorite broadcasts as well as chat with your listeners or messages by yourself, and many more—all without requiring any sort of plugin or any software install.





The ability to create a broadcast from the comfort of your personal home without any difficulties is a technological achievement we can joy ourselves on, but more thrilling is the new levels of communication that are being facilitated here. No requirement for a studio and you can release, record, and give audio in one place.


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