Commonest Applications Of Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence

virtual reality and artificial intelligence
Virtual Reality has taken the world by storm as it is applied in virtually all sectors of life. Virtual reality app development seems to be one of the most flourishing industries now. 
One of the industries that are enjoying the application of VR app development is real estate. Real estate agents now adopt the technology in several ways. Virtual reality has made the traditional building plan obsolete. The technology allows an architect to upload the images of a yet-to-erected building and present it to investors. Even though the images cannot be like the real physical building it is far better than cardboard plan. It conveys more information than what one hundred plans can convey. 
In a few years, the use of VR app development won’t be seen as some kind of luxury, rather it will be a must as architects who are yet to adopt it will gradually run out of business. Think of it, if two architects present the same structural plan to you separately. One presents it via the normal cardboard plan while the other uploads the images on virtual reality platform. Which one will get your approval even if it is the same that was presented in both cases? It will definitely be the one that has adopted virtual reality.
When estate agents have homes to sell or lease, instead of inviting prospective buyers to the locations, he can design the 3D images of the buildings and upload them on virtual reality app development platform. He will just need to show them to his prospective buyers in the comfort of their home or office. They don’t have to waste some time driving through to the locations and even burning some fuel. 
In a situation of foreclosure defense, your attorney might need to show the home to the judge in other to prove a point or two. He may want to build a case that the house was over-priced from the beginning. But instead of the judge to adjourn the case to give him some time to send some people to assess the home, he may just see the images through virtual reality platform and take his decision immediately after.
The technology has also been adopted in medicine too. Surgeons now make use of it to see the exact location of a tumor in the patient’s body. This helps them determine the best place to make incisions through which the tumor would be removed easily with little or no chances of complication. 
In Automobile industry, instead of having their engineers sit down and assess the physical prototype of the new model of vehicle, the engineers can just view its virtual prototype on virtual reality platform and make their recommendations. The beauty of this is that the prototype can be assessed even before the production of a physical prototype. The physical one will only be manufactured if the engineers are satisfied with the virtual prototype.
A lot of cinemas now require the services of a VR app development company. The combination of the sound coming from every corner and the 3D effect of the movie will make you feel like a part of the movie. It sure feels like all the actions are happening around you. With the use of virtual reality, you are an invisible member of the cast of every movie you watch. The drop is inevitable. 
Ever since this technology hit the gaming industry, people now spend hours in-game houses playing some of these virtual reality driven games. The effect you feel while watching movies through virtual reality is exactly same with gaming on the same platform. But gaming goes a step further because you are in total control. You are not in control of any of the movies, you just watch things unfold “around” you. But with virtual reality games, you have a lot of say.
Another mobile technology that has taken the world by storm is Artificial Intelligence. When people hear about artificial intelligence as a technology, they take it to be a super-sophisticated technology that is meant for only scientists to understand. But they don’t realize the fact that they encounter this technology in their daily activities. Artificial intelligence is simpler than you can ever imagine. 
Although the technology has been adopted in highly technical situations, it is also being adopted in several simple situations. 
In smart cars
Google plans to launch a smart car by 2020. This car will not need to be driven by any driver. All you have to do is to enter, sit down and indicate your destination. Apart from taking you to your destination, the car will also obey all traffic rule and regulations without any form of human intervention. That is nothing but artificial intelligence. However, there is a major concern about this particular application. People believe that when the cars are launched, they will kick a lot of drivers or chauffeurs out of job.
Of course, car rental companies will definitely embrace it. It will save them a lot of money as they won’t need the services of any human chauffeur.
In video games
There are several simple areas where artificial intelligence plays out in human lives. The commonest one is video games. Have you ever played soccer or fighting games with the computer? For soccer, you select your team of players and the computer selects its own. The computer plays the game with you as if someone else is holding the other control pad. When the game is on, the computer will control its team while you control yours. There is no human input on the computer’s part of the game. That is the commonest and the oldest application of artificial intelligence.
In virtual assistants
There is something common with Google-now, Siri and Cortana. They are all virtual assistants. They have been built on vast database of information from which they answer any question thrown at them. For instance, if you want to know the closest restaurant to a certain location, you can ask any of them. As long as you include the proper address and stipulate the distance. Each of them will search their database for all the restaurants that are within the stipulated distance and list them out for you.
In typing
The simplest form of artificial intelligence occurs when you are typing on your smartphone. By the time you type the first two letters of a word, the typing assistant brings up several words that begin with those two letters and expects you to select the appropriate one and move on to the next word. This makes typing much faster. It is the simplest form of artificial intelligence. 
These are just the simplest applications of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. They are the ones you can simply relate to. There are several more complex but all more useful applications that layman may not be able to understand.

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