Everything you should know about new updations of Mac OS X El Capitan- Part I

Everything you should know about new updations of Mac OS X El Capitan- Part I


In the last some years, updations of mac, IOS, or apps has become very important and a point of interest for the app developers India and other countries.


El Capitan is the current version of Apple’s OS X Operating System.

The El Capitan name for OS X 10.11 shows a long-running OS X naming system that is used to indicate updates that are clarifications to earlier updates.





With El Capitan, Apple concentrated on two main areas which are user activity and performance.


increases to window management, applications, and Spotlight search Improve the way we use our Macs during under-the-hood increases like Metal graphics technology perform everyday actions like starting apps faster.


Mail supports the current iOS-style movements for managing messages, and a sharp Suggestions increase will recognize names and events, enabling them to immediately attached to contacts and calendars.



Current Version





The current version of OS X El Capitan is OS X 10.11.3 that was released to the society.


According to Apple's statement notes, OS X 10.11.2 increased the security of Wi-Fi, AirDrop, Handoff and iCloud Photo Sharing for Live Pictures, and fixed arguments that made Bluetooth devices to disconnect, limited Mail from removing messages in an offline Exchange account, and stopped importing photos from an iPhone to a Mac doing a USB cable.


Since OS X 10.11.2, Apple published OS X 10.11.1.


The 10.11.1 was the first update to the El Capitan OS, increasing compatibility with Microsoft Office 2016, making an issue that created the software to fail, and solving two Mail faults, one where outgoing server information could be missing and one that limited the display of messages and mailboxes.








In both OS X El Capitan and, iOS 9 a search is improved.


Spotlight can now provide results that obtain more data sources, sports scores, display weather, stock, and video right in the Spotlight pane.


Web videos also display up in your results, right beside living data sources like Wikipedia, Definitions, News, and Bing Search.


More relevantly, Spotlight is also obtaining support for general language file queries. In iOS 9, you can type to Spotlight-like you would express to Siri.


There is one other little but important addition available in Spotlight in El Capitan is a resizable window.


In Yosemite the spotlight's size is static, but in El Capitan, you can get the Spotlight window wide or smaller to display correctly what you want to see.


Window Management



Mission Control



Mission Control is OS X's window management characteristic. Available although the Mission Control app or by beating F3 on Macs, it represents all open applications on your Mac and allows them to made into various spaces.


In El Capitan, Mission Control has a cleaner, more contoured design for the faster window system.


Rather of building a new desktop to organize windows, it is presently possible to move a window to the top of the screen to automatically make a new desktop space.


It is never more been this simple to divide out your work.


Split View





With Split View, it is possible to operate two full-screen application side-by-side, with per one using up half of a sample.


This is a beneficial way to concentrate on two apps together without the disturbance of the bottom of your desktop.


For example, while getting notes from a website, you might open Pages and Safari at the equal time, writing through content on one side when writing on the opposite side.


You can create the same thing in Yosemite by resizing windows, but Split View in El Capitan does the methods faster because there is no need to manually resize apps and exchange their positions on the screen.


working lots of apps at the equal time is one of the excellent things about using a Mac.


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Note: In this article you have seen Mac os X El Capitan's latest update, But still so many features of the Mac OS X El Capitan which you should know.We will share in our next part till then connect with us for more tech updates and app development.


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