Know Before You Go: Google Latest Map Update Will Realize Busy Hours Before You Go!

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Hurray! It's December! We are near to the most awaited festive of the year. Yes! we are near to Christmas eve. It's time for celebration, delicious dinners, outing with friends and giving exciting gifts. That also means that it's the best season to expect crowded shopping malls, travel destinations and full on entertainment in in-laws home. But don't worry! Google is always there to help people like us. Just in the time of holiday shopping madness, Google is cropping out with a new tool that let you identify the crowd at the business place in a real-time scenario- Making things easier for you.

In a world of evolution where applications developed by mobile app development company quenches our desires by eliminating the long queue wait for taxis, restaurants or dates, Google realized our increasing culture of impatience. With the objective to improve user experience, which is the strongest key pillar of its success, Google's new feature “Popular Times” is a powerful new change with which we will soon get familiar with.

Introducing a new feature labeled as “Popular Times”, Google rolled out a bang-up feature for its search engine that acknowledges you with the busy schedule of restaurants, bars or any coffee shop during a particular time of the week. Today, Google is taking a step further to enhance this concept by making this tool real-time so that you can get exact idea about the busy hours about the particular place before you head your vehicle there.

How Does Google's Real Time Tool Will Work?

Google adopted a smart approach of announcing you with the latest and live updates. Google make use of location history data to forecast the counts of people at the particular place. It is so powerful that it is capable of making guess about average time user will spend on that particular place. If in case, you don't make use of Google and loves to browse in Internet Explorer then, Popular Times is a feature that will assist you to find out how fussy any restaurant or bar at given time duration while, Google real-time leverages you with “Popular Times” features that gives more accurate and precise data.

How Google's Real-Time Tool Benefits People?

1. Crowd Control
Since introducing ”Popular Times” feature, you will be able to check how busy a place is at different times of the week. But by rolling out the latest real-time information can help you to identify how crowded a place is currently so that you can align your visit to their place in less fussy hours. Whether you are rushing to pick last moment gift or thinking to visit a restaurant for some festival, you can have a live preview so that you can navigate your way. It also gives you preview regarding what kind of crowds you can expect when you arrive at that particular place.

2. Time Management

Location summaries in search and maps reflect the time duration of people stay at that particular place. Let instantiate that you are planning to have coffee followed by dinner and you know that people tend to spend the minimum of 30-40 minutes at that place. You can quickly route your way to dinner reservation without running late.

3. Department & Service Hours
Finally, Google is getting more accurate when it comes to exhibiting opening hours of stores, restaurants, and businesses. Different business may open up at a different time. Google will now be able to show what time you can tap to the pharmacy, restaurants etc.

4. Finding Best Fussy Hours
Let's assume that you want to go with your friend's group to a particular bar. Using Google updated map will show how busy your favorite bar is in real-time. It will help you to navigate your road to another place by considering its business hours availability. By this, we can get the idea of the busiest business hours of any place with the help of this live update.

5. Ranking Most Popular Places
Finding the most happening and popular places has become so easy. People would tend to visit some entertaining and most famous places during week offs, and Google “Popular Times” update make it easy. With the Google live update regarding the status of any place, we can keep a track of the places that are often found busy during business weeks. By this data, we can list the most popular places often visited by people.

What Is Its Implications On People, Retail Industry, And Business Owners?
The main implications on people & retail industry are :

As people planning for any business visit would benefit with more information by “Popular Times” feature, it will eliminate the pain and disappointment of consumers that are generated by standing long in queues.

The retail industry, to be specific e-commerce will be highly benefited by this new update as people would tend to shop online rather than the busy store. “Popular Times” is likely to boost online sales of majority e-commerce online stores.
Not only Retail Industry and consumers are impacted by this update, major implications have been found on business owners too:

1. Some business may have limited information regarding when they are facing huge rush and when they are idle. This additional data can prove to be useful to optimize their revenue stream. Business owners can make use of this data to bring time-based sensitive deals, discounts, and promotions that can entice more users to their shops especially when they are running low. Additionally, owners will be able to calculate busy and medium days and can allocate staff as per their needs to meet the customer's demand. This will result in increasing revenue, improving efficiency and leveraging better customer experience.
2. Some business may experience the good flow of customers as they tend to avoid busy periods and places.
3. It is a boon for startups and young entrepreneurs that can identify how commercials activities are ongoings. Eg. If their store Popular Times is increasing then, it signifies that business is growing.
Though the company is not making more data available and so, business owners, retailers and entrepreneurs would be able to see the information directly from Google Search. All these tips and things are just a tap away in Google Maps and Search. So just eat, shop and be happy!


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