Microsoft acquisition with LinkedIn for $ 26.2 billion : Let's watch out how Microsoft and LinkedIn will remodel the ways that make professionals more productive

Microsoft acquisition with LinkedIn for $ 26.2 billion : Let's watch out how Microsoft and LinkedIn will remodel the ways that make professionals more productive

A huge Techno giant Microsoft – Announced that it will procure one of the best Professional networking platform -LinkedIn in all- Cash transaction that is valued at $26.2 Billions. And yes, that to makes the inclusion of LinkedIn net Cash. As Microsoft is going to acquire the huge professional connecting platform having 433 M users for $196 per share price in funds , the transaction has been sanctioned by the both the techno boards , still it needs regulatory and other necessary permissions.

If due to any reason , deal does not stay strong in its way , LinkedIn is liable to pay to Microsoft $725 M as charge of Termination Fee in accordance to Microsoft's SEC filing for the downfall of the merger that was about to happen.

LinkedIn is giving away it's product and brand in the hands of Microsoft which will be used as business module and productivity for Microsoft. From the sources we got to know that LinkedIn CEO will be on the same position and Weiner will report to Nadella – Said the sources.

This is How Microsoft Plan's and strategies to Use LinkedIn

The procurement is bigger for both the companies.

It's like a key factor for Microsoft company strategy to build more no of enterprise services , meanwhile proving itself as a potent key holder to strive against the positiveness of Sales force.

Today Microsoft totally focuses on software and some part of hardware by the degradation of its Smartphone business. But , LinkedIn will offer Microsoft quite huge reach to people along with the lines of Social networking and professional content that will help them to develop Enterprise social networking platform that was blown out by the Yammer procurement in early 2012 fro $1.2 billions.

LinkedIn huge Professional network , which is hooked into the group of employees and employer will give Microsoft – A sales line to sold out more of its products and services which will be a complement for those that were offered to collaborate earlier.

Microsoft also plans to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator that converts sales cycle into actionable Know-how – As these background information can help us to understand user's behavior which indirectly fosters to find leads, Conversions and closing of useless deals where no actions are determined.

There are other few widget of LinkedIn's business which throws lights to the acquisition.Over past years LinkedIn launched it's mobile app that resulted in more user engagement and it also broadens it's news feed to bestow better business know-hows. As we know LinkedIn procured and made a great move that offers online tools expansion to users and professionals , while changing the face of professional development. This innovations resulted in increased financial aspects , specifically for

1) 19% growth over years for more than 433 M millions members globally.

2) 9% growth for more than 105 M visiting members each month.

3) 49% growth over years by 60% usage of mobile.

4) 34% growth for more than 45B quarterly page views of member.

5)101% growth fro 7M+ active job list.

With the procurement of Microsoft , It may employ Lynda that will result in growth of their Sales ratio for Microsoft software products and also offers online tool learning.


Though Microsoft has never been a successful company as far as social media is concerned but , it seems that LinkedIn social Network will give them significant chance to make toe-hold in this domain.

LinkedIn Fundamental business is purely based on recruitment ads and, to some extent on Subscription for users. This recruitment business earned $2 billions of the total of $3 billions of company's revenue in 2015.

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