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The gush in the number of smart phone users, has fabricated great demand to request the users with the tailored made apps providing them an co-active experience. There are numerous mobile OS in the market but Apple and Google have sustained their leading position as one of the best mobile operating systems.






Apple and Google has their own App Store and Play Store respectively to publish the apps for their OS. Both possess their own licensing fees and technical requirements which are to tolerated by developers to avoid denial on the store. So to outstretch to maximum audience one needs to develop apps on these two different platforms & OS respectively.


Native Application Conception







Applications that are developed for the specified platform are known as Native Apps. These are ciphered in particular language like for iOS its built up in Objective C and Java for Android respectively. These apps are dependent on the endowment of the devices to run. These applications are created to deliver user a alluring experience which is quite unusual from the browser of OS. At Hyperlink Infosystem, one of the best App Developers India deliver applications on both the respective platform in accordance to the clients demand for their business.


Limitations of Native Apps

1) Paucity of cross functionality: Application Developed in android platform cannot be exercised in iOS platform and vice-versa.


2)Delays by app stores while permitting new traits to be simply integrated in apps.


3)Fabrics of the native app environment makes it hard to offer some powerful design.


4) In an period things are growingly found and distributed through social media, disclosure in the app store is a fantasy of its own where there are many similar apps.


Changing inclination against Progressive Apps



Web apps are lifeless. Long live Web apps.


Discontented with the quality of Web apps confronted to their native cousins, Google is chasing its Progressive Web Apps perception, which looks like a blend of combo of best of the Web and apps. Deliberated for any form factor, Progressive apps loads without delay even on doubtful network connections and also is capable to send push notifications, having an icon on the home screen.





Progressive Apps are built up on CSS, HTML and JavaScript. In simple words a Progressive App is similar to Web Page.

One may be put to thought that how can a web page put back the functions of an app, but that is the point of concepting a progressive app. A web page that looks and functions as identical to the native app. All that you require is the URL of the progressive app. These three things are to be kept in mind that makes a normal web page into a progressive app

1)Responsive outline as per the screen size.

2)Ability to work on offline mode.

3)Shortcut of bookmark to be catered on the desktop.


Why Progressive Apps ?






The most captivating part of the progressive app is the removal of the size restraint and still being able to receive the push notifications.

Most beneficially they can be used in any supported browser regardless of operating system and device. You can have Progressive Apps in your smart phones, that too in browser of your choice. It eradicates the posting of regular updates of the app on the store, all that updation is to be carried out on the web page.


The reason why these web pages are called progressive is that the routine use of these apps makes them more and more adequate to use. The use of Service Workers in the browsers allots the apps an limit of being used in offline mode providing push notifications that was lacking behind with the AppCache.

Adversaries for Progressive Apps



1)Only few browsers supports progressive Apps and efforts are to be made to integrate feature like Service Workers in all browsers.


2)Addition of higher Security constraint to the APIs along with HTTPS which is not even been worked upon by big gigs like till date.


3)Native Apps that work totally offline cannot be turned into Progressive apps.


How can it prove to be beneficial for the business


With FlipKart Lite being commenced, it has opened a new domain for the enlargement of progressive apps. This may be just beginning of letter but it seems that downloads may again seems in the offling but till then let us know if you need an iOS or Android app.

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