Swift Programming Language : First-Rate Choice For Enterprise And Business App Development

Swift Programming Language : First-Rate Choice For Enterprise And Business App Development

Objective-C was the primary language for iPhone app development. But, with the technological evolution and advancement in hardware and software have raised demands for a better programming language. This gave birth to the new programming language in name of “Swift”. Since the launch of this newer programming language, it has always been in “hot topics” among top level enterprise.


Generally, we make use of swift programming language to develop apps for iOS, Watch OS, tvOS, OS X and much more. Applications like Lyft, Yahoo, LinkedIn etc are the best examples of Swift language.

What makes swift programming language one of the paramount choices for Enterprise and business app development?


1. Easy To Learn:

As we know, Swift language design and syntax pattern is largely influenced by languages like python and ruby. It was getting difficult for beginners to understand its syntax and programming pattern. So, in order to make it simple and easy, Apple simplified its programming syntax thereby making it almost similar to English. Apple also found that some common errors and mistakes are prone to be happened by developers. so, they ensured that design of swift should be such that it can be easily understood by beginners.


2. Fewer Code Lines:

Lyft which is one of the renowned taxi apps has refurbished its entire application in Swift language which was earlier written in Objective C. Earlier the application was developed using 75,000 code lines which is now optimized into 25,000 code lines. There is no compromise done in application functionalities and the app still works in the way it was used to. This is something Apple Updated language helps you to do - making the code more compact.

3. Enhanced Speed:

Being a statically typed programming language, swift is quite faster than other programming languages like that of Objective C. Apple is working to make swift faster compared to c++ which is considered as one of the fastest algorithms. Swift allows you to understand things more clearly so when you run the application, the device processor won't waste time in finding the code definition.


4. Less Prone To Errors:

Unlike Objective-C, Swift syntax let you check the error of the project before it developers entire code for you. Because of statically typed language, it let you define things more clearly which reduce chances of error to a great extent. As the error and crashes expected are negligible, you will find it easy to maintain long & complex codes.

5. It's An Open Source Language With Huge Community Support:

To inspire developers to develop applications for Android, Windows and Linux using Swift, Apple took initiative and made swift an open source language. Other initiative steps are also taken by the company to explore Swift top larger community base. Swift community holds 35,000+ members globally and the figure is still increasing in larger speed.

Swift : Bright & Promising Future!

Apple has affiliated with IBM to increase the scope of Swift in the market while generating more opportunities for the swift community. IBM cloud also facilitates developers to share swift resources and can also make use of swift sandbox for the experiment purpose. Some changes have also been made in objective -C that allows easy code import in swift. It wouldn't be wrong if we say that swift is the leading programming languages in upcoming years.


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